15 women who inspire us

Today, 19 November, is a very important day for Komvida. Today we celebrate the day of the enterprising woman.

Since birth Komvidawe spend our time doing what makes us happy. Thanks to this project, we can put our work at the service of others and pave the way for other women to achieve their goals.

We would like to use this post to pay a small tribute to all the enterprising women who have wanted to share their wonderful projects on Bea Magro's Podcast. All of them are an inspiration and an example that shows that we have no limits. 

Here are the episodes we recorded with them. Thanks to them, you will have the opportunity to get to know them a little better. Ready for a good dose of inspiration? We think it's a great day for it. 

You have the link to each episode in the picture. 


Azahara Luque: Veggie family life? YES you can

Thank you for infecting us with your joy on a daily basis.

Azahara and Bea


Elvira Sastre: We are what we write.

Thank you for empowering us with each of your letters.

Elvira Sastre


Rebeca Toribio, from Superchulo: How to believe, grow and create something Superchulo.

Thank you for showing us that dreams come true through hard work.



Noe Gil Loef: Everything you need to know to make your venture a success.

Thank you for helping us to be more organised and helping us to create our "fucking" plan.

Noe Gil Loef and Bea Magro 


Almudena Yogalife: How to achieve inner peace through yoga

Thank you for discovering all that yoga can do for us.

Almudena Yoga Life and Bea Magro


Lidia Romero, from Owa: Training while pregnant? Debunking myths.

Thank you for showing us that we mums have no limits.

Lidia Romero and Bea Magro


Inma Bas: Body, mind, food and content.

Thanks for inspiring us to take care of ourselves and sharing such cool content.

Inma Bas


Daniela Rodríguez: The idea that revolutionised 21st century communication

Thank you for being a pioneer and paving the way for so many women.

Daniela Rodríguez


Coco Dávez: How to undertake and fulfil your dreams with art

Thank you, Coco, for filling our lives with art. 

Bea and Coco


Paddy: What if you stop making excuses and start doing it?

Thank you for inspiring us to take care of ourselves through sport.

Paddy and Bea Magro


Gema Hassen Bey: How to conquer the most difficult peak

Thank you for letting us conquer summits with you.

 Gema Hassen Bey


Patricia Romero Abreu: The power of the mind. Meditation.

Thank you for helping us find peace when we needed it most. 

Patricia Romero Abreu


Marina Trigo: How to make your birth a wonderful experience.

Thank you for holding our hands and promoting respectful childbirth.

Bea Magro and Marina Trigo


Isa: Boost your productivity to achieve all your goals

Thank you for helping us to be "more and better" every day.

Isa from More and Better


Gloria Carrión: Everything they didn't tell you about veganism.

Thank you Gloria for your courage and for contributing so much to the world of veganism. 



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