3 fermented foods you can't miss in your diet

Yesterday I had a very interesting talk with my friend Beatriz Moliz, an expert in fermented foods. We have left it on IGTV if you want to watch it.


Shall I tell you what we talked about? I'll tell you one thing: you're going to want to start fermenting before you finish reading this post. For starters... these are foods with so many health benefits!

Benefits of fermented foods: they are more nutritious and digestible, have B vitamins and K2, promote immune system modulation and increase bacterial diversity. Source: Revolutionary Fitness.

Fermented vegetables

From cabbages to onions, courgettes, carrots, peppers, artichokes...

How to do it:

Prepare the brine (20 g of salt per litre or so of water). Place the vegetables in a bowl cut into julienne strips and cover them with the brine. Leave them uncovered at room temperature for a few days (you have to keep tasting, it's not an exact science). When they are ready, store them in a closed glass jar and put them in the fridge. They will last in perfect condition for a very long time.


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Mother yeast

All you need is wholemeal flour and water. When you try a bread made with sourdough, you won't want to eat another one because of how good it feels and how good it is.

How to do it:

Mix 2 tablespoons of flour and the same amount of water. Cover the bowl with a cloth and leave to stand for 24 hours. Add the same amount of water and flour and stir again. Keep it like this for 3 days now that it is summer. You will know it is ready when bubbles appear.

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You can't miss it! You already know that kombucha is a fermented drink. Scoby (a symbiosis of bacteria and yeast) ferments green tea to produce the richest and healthiest drink in the world.

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