4 reasons why you need Komvida in summer

We dropped by because, we don't know about your country, but in Fregenal it's hot as hell. And what's the best way to beat the heat? Of course: a coolKomvida.

In this post we remind you of the benefits of drinking Komvida, especially now in summer:

Kombucha isa source of hydration, vitamins and minerals. Remember that, above all, you should drink plenty of WATER, but between glasses, take a Komvida to enjoy its flavour. Read more about why it is so important to hydrate here . Remember: don't wait until you're thirsty to drink!


A big meal in summer? Have one Komvida during or after and you'll notice that your digestion will be much better. There's nothing better than feeling light and free from bloating (even more so in summer, don't you think?) Take a look at Inés' Instagram, there are lots of delicious recipes with which she Komvida great with.


Boost your immune system! You know: now more than ever you have to stay strong and we must not let our guard down. How is this new normal going? Here are a few tips to help you cope with it in the best possible way.

You know those typical mornings when you feel like the heat is going to get the better of you? Don't worry about that, take one Komvida and feel how it revitalizes you from the inside.

Why does Komvida have all these benefits?

Because it is a probiotic drink. This means that it contains a lot of good bacteria that go directly into your gut to populate your microbiota. In addition, it is rich in vitamin B, B4, enzymes, lactic and acetic acid. You can enjoy all the flavours and benefits of Komvida here.


A hug from Fregenal,

Nuria and Bea.

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