5 projects you need to know about: The 5 brands of the Mystery Box

We are very proud of the brands that have wanted to collaborate with our Mystery Box. They are beautiful projects of collaborating brands and friends of Komvida that we personally love and share 100% of their values. We'll tell you what they are so you can get to know them a little better!  


Everuse is an ethical, vegan and zero waste online shop. Its founder, Monica, created this project out of the need to find reusable alternatives for all those little things we use every day. All the products you can find in Everuse are sustainable and ecological, vegan and ethical, prioritising artisanal and local production.

If this was your Mystery Box gift, we want you to know that the package has been handmade with all the love in the world by the Mystery Box herself. It includes: a mesh bag, a natural kitchen luffa, an all-purpose coconut shell brush and a reusable straw. It's the little things that make a big difference - thank you for helping us make the world a little bit better!

Everuse x Komvida

Natural Athlete

"Changing what you eat is the first step to changing the world" Niklas and Octavio, like us, had the dream of changing the world. At Natural Athlete they are committed to using only natural ingredients of the highest quality, that really feel good and are really good.

In the Mystery Box you could taste: a 500g jar of peanut butter and 5 bars (4 raw bars + 1 crunchy bar). All of them are products that provide healthy energy and a lot of nutrients and proteins. The perfect match for your Komvida ;)

natural athlete x Komvida


Elena and Marta are two friends and architects who are fans of design in general. When they finished their degree, together they formed ARQUO, an architecture studio, until one fine afternoon they decided they wanted to create original everyday objects with a positive attitude. And so UO was born: a brand where you will find, among other gifts, socks that help you start the day on the right foot.

In your Mystery you could play "Contigo a las duras y a las maduras" or "Estoy colad@ por ti" just the two claimings that we at Komvida also feel.

uo x komvida


At Heura they are "rebels with a cause". Their mission: To address the problems of the current food system by offering sustainable, nutritious and delicious food. They seek to revolutionise and change the industry. Their vegan meat is the perfect alternative, because as they say "the sum of many small changes can transform an entire society".

With your Mystery Box you will be able to try their Mediterranean and original snacks. DE-LI-CIO SOS.

heura x komvida

La Chinata

We are always happy to share land with projects as cool as La Chinata. They have a wide range of cosmetic products based on the natural properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. And not only that, you'll find other products such as vinegars, honeys, salts, etc. All derived from olive oil.

Your Mystery Box could contain a lip balm, facial oil or a set of spiced oils. Yes, we love EVOO.

la chinata x komvida


Thank you, thank you, thank you! We couldn't be more delighted to be able to tell you about all of them.

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