5 tips before drinking kombucha

Is kombucha drunk cold?

As you already know: not all kombuchas are the same. There are other brands of kombucha that you can drink at room temperature and are not refrigerated. This is not the case with Komvida.

We tell you why: Komvida it is unpasteurised kombucha. This means that it is a living food and, thanks to that, it keeps all its probiotic properties. If it were pasteurised, most of these properties would be lost.

For all these reasons, as with other probiotic foods, the probiotic foods, Komvida always has to be kept refrigerated. From the moment it leaves the factory, it is transported refrigerated to your home or to the stores that sell it. Komvida. So, you know, when you receive it, put it in the fridge. Besides... it's delicious when you drink it super-fresh.

how to take kombucha

What are the properties of kombucha?

When you drink our kombucha, you feel full of life and totally revitalised, because with every sip you introduce thousands and thousands of beneficial bacteria into your body.

Regular consumption of Komvida helps to improve digestion, replenish the intestinal flora and strengthen the immune system. Find out more about the properties of kombucha here.

How much kombucha can I drink per day?

We recommend to take a small bottle of Komvida a day, but you can drink as much as you want. You can never have enough of happiness.

How do I drink it?

Stir it gently so that the sediment at the bottom of the bottle integrates well with the rest. Do not shake it, remember that real kombucha has natural bubbles. You can drink it from the Komvida or serve it in your favourite glass or cup.

When is the best time to drink kombucha?

Whenever you want! It doesn't matter whether you drink it on an empty stomach, after eating, while exercising or afterwards. Drinking Komvida Kombucha is fantastic and recommended at any time of the day.

With these useful tips, you now know everything you need to enjoy our kombucha to the fullest. Remember that you can buy Komvida here, and we'll deliver it to your home in less than 48 hours!


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