A TOP initiative, by Pau Gasol

At Komvidawe are fans of solidarity causes and initiatives that promote people's wellbeing. A few days ago we heard that the great Paul Gasol was launching a wellbeing summit called PL4NETS. Being told that Gasol is organising it is already very cool, but when we went to the website and saw the speakers who were taking part, we freaked out. It was clear that Nuria and I wouldn't miss it. By the way, the most important thing: it will be held on 20, 21, 22 and 23 July and it is online. You have all the details here.

We don't directly support the event, but we love to recommend things we believe in that do so much good for society. So, that's it, there you go!  

What it's about

As they explain on their website: "After a few months of confinement, many people have detected a series of problems that affect their wellbeing. The PL4NETS Wellbeing Summit aims to provide solutions to these conflicts related to healthy eating, physical activity, emotional wellbeing, rest and use of screens . These are the four pillars that scientific evidence supports and on which the Gasol Foundation bases its interventions to improve the well-being of children and prevent childhood obesity". And that is why the congress is called PL4NETS ;)


You can buy your ticket from 10 €, although you can contribute more if you want. The money will go entirely to families in need.


We are fans of Marcos Vázquez, Ona Carbonell, Rafa Nadal, Cristina Mirtre... and practically all the participants. In short, true cracks gathered in a single congress! You can see the list here. We hope you sign up and enjoy yourself. We, as we say, will be at the top of our game with this beautiful cause. 

A hug from Fregenal,
Nuria and Bea

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