Come to the best event in the history of Komvida

...And it will be online

Most of us, after these months, have learned to value, appreciate and long for moments (at least a little more than we did before). Moments that belonged to an everyday life that we thought would be insurmountable until... in an instant everything vanished; normality was in danger and everything became uncertain. Everything but one thing:

Our wish to return.

To share again, to feel again the embrace of your best friend, your mother, your grandfather, to live again the simple things in life that made us happy. That goodnight kiss, the sea breeze on your face, watching the sunset in the countryside, enjoying a little terrace with friends, sharing a Komvida with whomever you choose. These months have robbed us of moments and experiences...

What could we at Komvida do to make up for lost time?

And then, something occurred to us.

  Komcierto Pack
We have created the Komcierto Pack. When you buy it, not only do you get 12 Komvidas, a set of super cool coasters and a festival bracelet... Also a FREE ticket for the Pol 3.14 online concert.

Our wish is that you live this experience with the person of your choice, the one you have missed the most during the confinement and... Have a good time! Because, after so much, you deserve it.

Of course, the concert will be online because we want to continue taking care of you, promoting the fulfilment of the social distance so that, between all of us, we win the battle once and for all. And, of course, the idea is to toast HEALTHY: with Komvida. Because... going to a concert or festival doesn't have to mean the opposite, does it?
And here is our grain of sand to continue contributing to people's wellbeing.
And to get you in the mood, here's Pol3.14's Spotify playlist, and let's dance!  

A hug,
Nuria and Bea

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