How to identify a good kombucha

We want you to be a kombucha expert and, when you go to the supermarket, we want you to be able to tell the difference between a quality kombucha and one that is not. So here is our guide to identifying good kombucha:

1. Balanced flavour: neither too acidic nor too sweet. The sugar residue should be minimal and there should be no added sugar in any case. Check the label.

2. Natural bubbles: these are the product of fermentation. Real kombuchas have natural bubbles that are nothing like the carbon dioxide gas that bloats us and causes us discomfort. A good kombucha has no added carbon dioxide.

3. Unpasteurised: very, very important. Unpasteurised kombuchas preserve their probiotic properties, such as Komvida. Unpasteurised kombuchas do not. This is because the good bacteria that our intestine needs so much are killed by pasteurisation. We don't want to lose something that is so good for us! Komvida we don't want to lose something that does us so much good!

4. Always refrigerated: as it is not pasteurised, it is a live food, and always needs to be in the fridge. We send them to your home in refrigerated transport so that they arrive chilled in less than 48 hours.

5. Packaged in glass: at Komvida we use glass to protect the environment and preserve the properties and flavour of the kombucha.

6. With 100 % organic and real ingredients: a blueberry, a lemon, a twig of vanilla... Real kombucha shouldn't have anything "weird" in it!

7. Handmade, with a lot of love: In Komvida we, together with the women of our village, are the ones who produce your favourite kombucha in an artisan way.

Thank you very much for supporting quality kombucha!

We work very hard every day for you to enjoy the best kombucha in the world. Available here.  


A hug from Fregenal,

Nuria and Bea

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