In 2019, we have fulfilled dreams

Dear Komvilovers: in 2019 we have fulfilled our dreams

The years go by for everyone, even for us. But the truth is that at Komvida the years are very, very good for him. We don't get older, we get better, more varied, more accessible, better known and, in short, we get better. If every year is going to be like 2019... we can't wait to keep on doing more and more. Of course, we are going to need your help, because, although it sounds like a cliché... without you our dreams would not have come true. Thank you for choosing our kombucha. As we said, 2019 has been the bombWhy?

Well, we happen to be the kombucha brand in Europe with the most followers on Instagram- thank you followers! And not only that, we have the coolest instagrammers in the world:

And have you noticed... we've been on El Hormiguero? And on La Vida Moderna! Plus, we've been in beautiful events.

For example, with Inspiring Girls, a foundation that encourages and empowers girls to achieve all their goals. We are passionate about this initiative and we will continue to work to join good causes, as happened in November, when we allocated 10% of all the profits of the Luzon Foundation to the fight against ALS, a disease that is very close to our hearts. We are therefore happy that, thanks to Komvida , we have been able to do our bit to fight it.

We have also revolutionised the factory because we realised that we were missing the flavour that has not been missing from your parties in 2019. We looked to Cuba, and Kombujito was born. And at first it was only for the summer, but you loved it so much that we could never say goodbye to it.  

Then we filled ourselves with glamour, flowers and magic to present Komvida by Mario Sandoval. A Komvida two Michelin stars made in our factory in Fregenal de la Sierra... who was going to tell us?

We continue to grow and so does our team: more than 20 people are part of Komvida. Komvidaand that is one of the most rewarding parts of forming a company.

By the way, 90% of Komvida are women, and that's also very cool. Another of the nicest things we have done this year has been to meet you. In fairs, events but... in a very special way, in our first Komvida Course. A very nice day in which we taught you how to make kombucha in the style of kombucha Komvida and we were able to tell you our story.

Without a doubt, the best thing is that you can find us in more and more points of sale. We have worked tirelessly so that, wherever you go, you can enjoy a healthy drink and toast with Komvida. We know that there is a lot of work ahead, and that motivates us and we love it. Even more so, knowing that people like you give meaning to everything we do. In 2020, we're going to freak out. Get ready.  

Nuria and Bea

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