Komvida tip #10 for quarantine days

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It's Friday! And, even though we're in quarantine, we're going to celebrate it. Put on your best clothes and get ready to enjoy yourself, because today we bring you a super playlist with some great music and cocktail recipes for you to enjoy Friday night. Chin chin chin, because there's only one life!

Pdt: be careful with alcohol ;) A Komvidagive him free rein.  


WE LOVE Cisco Rodríguez(@ciiscorodriguez)! Our fellow countryman and friend, but also one of the best cocktail makers in Spain, leaves us 3 recipes for cocktails with Komvida:

Mechanical apple

A substitute for summer red wine. It is prepared with gin, shrub -a concentrated syrup made of fruit, vinegar and sugar- of red fruits and Komvida Berryvida, a variety of sweet, refreshing kombucha with the antioxidant properties of berries.



-3 cl of gin

-3 cl of red berry shrub

-1 Berryvida


Komvida mule

This is a very refreshing cocktail, ideal for lovers of citrus flavours. This version of the Moscow Mule includes vodka, lemon juice and Gingervida.



-5 cl vodka

-3 cl lemon juice

-1 Gingervida


Asian Malgalite

Its name already gives it away: it's the most fun margarita in Japan. Spicy but creamy at the same time. It contains tequila, yuzu, ginger, egg white and Greenvida.



-5 cl tequila

-3 cl yuzu juice

-2 cl of yuzu and ginger jelly

-2 cl egg white

-Greenvida Top


Jose Lorrue(@jose_lorrue) ambassador for Moët Hennessy spirits proposes these 2 cocktails:

Flamusse Life

To prepare it, in addition to the ingredients below, fill a glass with ice and garnish with apple slices and a cinnamon stick.

Apple cinnamon and vanilla



-50 ml Hennessy cognac

-100 ml apple, cinnamon and vanilla Komvida

-30 ml apple juice

-1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger


A-ox Screwdriver

To prepare, fill a glass with ice and garnish with a slice of lemon and 2 slices of turmeric.

Carrot and turmeric


-50 ml of @belvederevodkaspain

-100 ml carrot and turmeric Komvida

-30 ml orange juice

-15 ml lemon juice




We also have our star mocktail ALCOHOL-FREE. You know: 100 % Komvida, 100 % healthy. Take a kombujito, crush some ice, add some mint leaves... and enjoy!  




Get your mic ready and put on your comfy shoes to sing and dance to this playlist! Yeahhhhh!!!


Enjoy ;)

Nuria and Bea

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