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#I stay at home but I meditate

Today it is me, Bea, who is writing this post alone. For those of you who don't know, apart from being co-founder of Komvida, I am also a translator, interpreter, yoga teacher and mother. I really wanted to write these words to you and now, in these complicated days we are going through, I have found the perfect opportunity.

Today I will talk about meditation and how it has changed me. Also I'll give you some tips to start meditating, and I'll give you the apps, books and profiles that inspire me the most.

According to numerous prestigious scientific studies, meditation has been shown to be associated with the following health benefits, among others:

-Improves concentration, memory, and emotional health.

-Improves the immune system and overall health.

-Increases IQ.

-It reduces stress, anxiety and depression.

-Improves sleep quality.

Despite these advantages and others not mentioned, there are still people who are reluctant to meditate: either because they say they don't know how, because they are embarrassed, or because they see it as something religious or only done by hippies. So first I would like to start by telling you about my experience. Vipassana and how I discovered here that meditation is the way to a fuller and happier life (although I had an intuition of it).  

What is Vipassana

When I was travelling around the world I experienced the Vipassanawhich basically means "seeing things as they really are". It is one of the oldest meditation techniques in existence. Its aim is the total eradication of mental impurities, and the resulting supreme bliss that comes with complete liberation. Being with myself is the hardest thing I have ever done (I meditated 10 hours a day for 10 days and without being able to relate to anyone, or listen to music, or write...nothing, "just" meditate). As I always say, "there is no marathon that compares to a Vipassana", but thanks to it, I realised what I wanted to be and what I didn't; I exploded with happiness and I also reached my darkest places.

What's wrong with us today?

Who would have thought a month ago that we would experience this? Your trips, your plans, Komvidas with your friends in a bar, going for a run in the park or the most everyday things, such as going to work, being able to do the shopping, enjoying time with your family... boom! Nothing is possible now. Another proof that you have to live in the present: yesterday is gone and, of course, the future is uncertain.

I've realised that these days at home are becoming an uphill struggle for many of us, and even for me (with two children!). All those "how I long to have some time and spend it lying on the sofa at home" are weighing on us now, eh? We are not used to being "locked up" and, even less, to talking to ourselves. And that's why meditation is important, because with it you will learn to find yourself; to breathe, to know yourself and to mediate, never to set limits for yourself. But, above all, you will learn to become aware.  

Where to start

Meditation is not praying or communicating with any God. Meditation is learning to control several variables: breath, senses, body, mind y activities of daily life.. I advise you to start with the breathing. It may seem silly at first, but I bet you will be surprised. Concentrate only on the act of taking in air through your nose and expelling it through your mouth. Don't think about anything else, just the action itself. This is the hard part. Take as much time as you need. You can take anywhere from 1 minute, to 10, 20 or 1 hour. It is your time. There is only you and your breath which is the link between your body and your soul. Find a quiet place and a comfortable comfortable position.


If you want to get started in meditation and need someone to guide you, I recommend the following apps apps:

- Headspace. Andy Puddicombe, a practising Buddhist monk and its creator, will give you guided classes of between 3 and 10 minutes. Good news: it's free! Not so good news: it's only in English :(

- Zen Elephant. This app is designed with the aim of making meditation accessible to everyone, with just 5 minutes a day. You can take a course to learn to meditate in 7 days, meditation for children, to reduce stress, with music, mantras...

- Meditate. This application has been developed by two Spaniards, the Simó brothers, whose aim is for you to learn to relax, sleep better and live more peacefully thanks to meditation.  


In the previous post in which we talked about podcasts, I recommended you to Tara Brach. She is an incredible being who will certainly make a mark on your life. You must read about her:

- Radical CompassionLearning to Love Yourself and Your World with the Practice of RAIN.

- Radical AcceptanceEmbracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha In addition, on his website you will also find some online guides to learn how to meditate: https://www.tarabrach.com/store/  

Other books that will help you to meditate are:

- The Essential Rumi, by Jelaluddin Rumi

- I am that, from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

- One simple thing, by Eddie Stern

- The biography of silenceby Pablo D'Ors  

Learn also from:

- Almudena Yoga Life https://almudenayogalife.com/ @almudena_yogalife

- Xuan Lan https://xuanlanyoga.com/ @xuanlan

- Santiago Álvarez de Mon, in episode 3 of my podcast


A hug,



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