Komvida tip #5 for quarantine days

#I stay at home but I become a chef

One recipe? Healthy recipes? Give me a dozen!

Today we bring you a selection of beads that we are sure are going to make this fortieth week, at least, more delicious. Salads, first courses, main courses, desserts... there's everything! Come on! Put on your apron and wash your hands, because... let's get started!  

- @hoycomemossano / www.hoycomemossano.com

Inés will give you recipe ideas for your everyday life. Her aim is for you to eat healthily while still enjoying delicious flavours. She is committed to a varied diet, based on real food, in which vegetables, legumes, cereals, fruit and healthy fats predominate.

- @cocinandomelavida / https://www.cocinandomelavida.com/

On both her Instagram and blog, Vanesa will not only teach you how to cook in a quick and easy way, but she will also show you how to lead a healthy lifestyle. She is the clear example that, if you want to, you can (she lost 35 kgs, WOW!). Don't start a diet that will end one day, start a lifestyle that will last forever and that you can maintain over time.

- @deliciousmartha / https://deliciousmartha.com/

Martha is a firm believer that food comes in through the eyes and that it has to make you enjoy and live an experience for it to be really good. We are sure that her dishes will be love at first sight!

- @midietavegana / http://www.midietavegana.es/

If you follow the philosophy of veganism, Marta is a must. Diet, health and sustainability are some of the things you can learn with her. In her profiles and books you will be able to see and make vegan recipes, quite simple, that can be done in a short time and for beginners.

- @futurlife21 / https://www.futurlife21.com/

The goal of this mother and daughter is for you to become the best version of yourself by acquiring a lifestyle that lasts forever. They say that feeding yourself and nourishing yourself are different terms, and that learning to eat is a responsibility that is solely up to you, so come on, start today!

- @valentinamandarina / http://www.valentinamandarina.com/ 

With Valentina you will learn recipes that are dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free and refined-free. Her cooking is organic, delicious, plant-inspired, environmentally friendly and, most importantly, easy to cook.

- @lasmariacocinillas / https://lasmariacocinillas.com/

Traditional cuisine, with the flavour of local and seasonal produce, brought to everyday recipes. Tere and Lauren will give you the necessary tips to make sweet and savoury dishes, full of nuances, with spices, flavours and memories that will take you to other places.

- @chefbosquet / https://chefbosquet.com/

With Roberto you will learn how to make traditional dishes, but different. Also fast food, but healthy. Get ready because... delicious desserts without sugar or refined flours are on the way! Their motto: eat without remorse - and so much more!  

Where did you start, which dish did you prepare first, what is your favourite bead, tell us about it and show us! Make us envious with those delicious dishes we're sure you've prepared :)


A hug from Fregenal,

Nuria and Bea

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