Komvida tip #9 for quarantine days

#I'm staying at home but I'm going to a concert/recital/theatre

Who doesn't enjoy a song, listening to their favourite band, having a poem dedicated to them, watching a play? Well, here's a list so that every day you can listen to a different band in your forties, have a poem recited to you or see that play you've always wanted to see. Grab your favourite snack and your Komvida let's get started!


-#yomequedoencasafestivalthanks to this initiative, you can experience the best music from the instagram profile of your favorite artists live. Every day they have a different program. Check out the line-up and... let's dance and sing! Available on March 27th, 28th and 29th.

-Quarantine Fest: https://cuarentenafest.tumblr.com/ Quarentena Fest : a festival where more than thirty independent artists will offer concerts from their creative space: their bedroom, for homes all over Spain. Daily concerts, with a different kind of closeness, with a clear philosophy: music doesn't stop, not even in times as hard as these. Available from 16 to 27 March.

-opera: https://www.myoperaplayer.com/index.php/?gclid=CjwKCAjwvOHzBRBoEiwA48i6AgO3NXxTC086k2FsvEj-QPDGyuaIGn5_zI4wdRVe66OmO1MmWZOOFhoC6p8QAvD_BwE


-#yomequedoencasarecital https://www.instagram.com/yomequedoencasarecital/ more than 20 poets will recite live poetry for you on their respective accounts. In addition, you will be able to listen to one of the team! My sister Pilar, PR&Communications Manager of Komvida, will also be able to organise an event for you, recite for you or give you her book as a gift: https://www.instagram.com/pilarmmnn/?hl=es

-#poetryentusofa https://www.instagram.com/poesiaentusofa/ A virtual poetry festival to liven up this fortieth anniversary. You will be able to enjoy the voices of different poets and artists who will recite their favourite poems (their own and/or others') through live performances on their instagram accounts. Also, Planeta will be posting video poems by Marwan, Luis Ramiro, Manuel Vilas and Ángela Becerra on its Instagram account throughout the day, and Penguin Random House will be inviting Luna Miguel, Alejandra Martínez and Laura Fernández.


-Thanks to RTVE, you can have up to 1,500 plays for free: https://www.rtve.es/m/alacarta/audios/14-horas/teatroteca-mas-1500-obras-teatro-gratis/5097441/ In addition, the Teatroteca of the Ministry of Culture is available with more than 1,500 theatre, circus and dance plays. The House of Bernarda Alba , Life is a Dream y Blood Wedding are the most popular. You can register for free online at www.bibliotecacdt.mcu.es


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