Komvida Tip #1 for quarantine days

#I'm staying at home but eating right

As you know, since even before we were formed, our aim has always been to bring health and contribute to the wellbeing of everyone. Komvidaour aim has always been to contribute to the health and well-being of everyone. This task is much easier thanks to the amount of information we have nowadays. The truth is that we love to read about new trends and to be always up to date in the food sector... maybe that's why we discovered kombucha!

In these difficult times, we would like to recommend some foods for a balanced diet, which provide us with the nutrients we need and strengthen our immune system. So, for the days of quarantine, neither our diet nor yours should be lacking... ... :

- Fruit, vegetables and pulses

- Nuts and dried fruit

- Protein, either animal or vegetable

- Garlic, ginger and turmeric

- Fermented foods, such as yoghurt, aged cheese, sauerkraut, miso, kombucha and kefir

- Pickles

- Cocoa

In these days ahead of us, take the opportunity to learn about nutrition from the best. The Komvida team has prepared for you this selection of the best Instagram accounts and our favourite books and documentaries so you can learn to identify what your body needs at every moment. When this happens, we will feel stronger, healthier and also happier and more positive (which is not bad for these weeks): Enjoy!  


- Marcos Vázquez: is the creator of Fitness Revolucionario. Certified Crossfit trainer, ICNS Professor, winner of the 2013 Bitácoras Award for best health blog and author of several books on training and health, in him and in his accounts you are sure to find very valuable information for these days about what to eat. @fitnessrevolucionario / www.fitnessrevolucionario.com Book: Fitness revolucionario. Ancestral lessons for a wild health

- Blanca Nutri: graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, specialist in clinical, digestive and hormonal nutrition, and author of the book Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you what bacteria you have, she gives you a thousand recipes and tips on what to eat and what not to eat, what foods strengthen your system (especially digestive and immune) and some simple tips that will improve your quality of life. @blancanutri www.cliniciassegura.com

- Carlos Ríos: creator of the Realfooding movement, dietician-nutritionist and whose mission is to fight, through knowledge and awareness, against ultra-processed products, will give you real options, comparisons, recipes and many more recommendations on which foods are better to choose. @carlosriosq @realfooding @academia.realfooding www.realfooding.com

- Inma Quintanilla: pharmacist, nutritionist and with a master's degree in PNIE, she will give you the necessary tips to improve your diet, what to eat depending on the moment you are in, some techniques and other very valuable information not only for these complicated days in which we find ourselves, but also for your daily life. @iqcnutrition www.iqcnutricion.com

- Aitor Sánchez: dietician-nutritionist, food technologist, researcher, educator, trainer and volunteer, he spreads the word about nutrition and science and debunks nutritional myths in his books and networks. @midietacojea www.midietacojea.com Books: Mi dieta cojea, Mi dieta ya no cojea, Qué le doy de comer

- Victoria Lozada: nutritionist, Master in Eating Disorders and Obesity and specialised in vegetarian/vegan nutrition. Her intention is to promote nutrition education, supporting natural, conscious, non-obsessive eating and debunking myths. @nutritionisthenewblack www.nutritionisthenewblack.com Book: Good Nutrition  


#yomequedoencasa but make the most of it! And learn about nutrition with these books:

- Digestion is the issue by Giulia Enders. In it you will find in a very simple and entertaining way the explanation of why bowel care is key to a person's overall health.

- Eat real food by Carlos Ríos. "We live in a world where we don't eat real food but products that have been put in front of our eyes. In this book, Carlos will help you to dig deeper into your diet and everything that surrounds it (of course, without any ultra-processed products).

- My diet is limping by Aitor Sánchez. In it, Aitor will debunk all the dietary myths you thought were true.  


One of documentaries, and on top of that they teach me about nutrition? I'll be happy to learn about it!

- Food choices on Netflix or youtube. In it, Michal Siewierski tries to raise awareness about what we eat and to teach us to recognise the origin of food. On the other hand, he links excessive consumption of meat and processed foods to illnesses. He advocates a vegetable-based diet for health.

- The magic pill on Netflix. This documentary shows us that adopting healthy habits is possible and demonstrates that food is our most basic medicine.

- Food matters on Netflix. It exposes the fundamental importance of nutrition as a basis for health, and as a principle for healing disease.

- What the health on Netflix. Based on WHO statements about carcinogenic elements in processed meats, the documentary looks at how Western society feeds itself.

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