Komvida + Ferment Art

Wonderful things come out of the union of women.

We, Nuria and Bea, two lifelong friends, had an idea and decided to create Komvida. At first it was just the two of us, then Bea's mother joined us, and more and more women are joining us in this project.

What was our dream, is today the dream of many.

With our new launch, unpasteurized Fermented Vegetables, we go one step further. We have teamed up with another woman. We are convinced that together we are stronger.

Her name is Nerea, and she is the founder of Ferment Art. She has her factory in a beautiful place in Navarra called Lodosa. She is a reference in the world of fermented products and besides being an entrepreneur, she is also the mother of three girls.

We want more and more people to discover the exciting world of fermented foods and that is our goal. We are happy to share this project and to continue contributing to well-being in the best way we know how.

We have to build bridges with each other. And working hand in hand on projects that we are passionate about is one more step towards this. Women together, we are invincible!

Thank you, Nerea, for joining us in our purpose of contributing to well-being and demonstrating that women united we have no limits.

Find out more about the recipes you can make with the new fermented vegetables here and all the benefits they can bring you. Remember that they are Limited Edition. Try them, we are sure you will love them ;) 

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4 recipes for enjoying your Fermented Vegetables

4 recipes for enjoying your Fermented Vegetables

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