The mothers of Komvida

We often say that "there is only one mother". This statement may be true in many cases, but this is clearly not the case in the Komvida world. There is a very, very special mother for Komvida, who is certainly not the kind of mother you have in mind. We are talking about mother Scoby.

SCOBY: mother of kombucha

Like every mother, the Scoby produces life, because, as we usually say, it is a living food: Komvida it is a living food. This special mother only needs to feed herself well to give us a wonderful gift: kombucha and a new Scoby (or Scoby child).

How do we feed the Scoby?

Real kombucha, like Komvidais made from only four ingredients: the famous Scoby and its food: water, green tea and sugar.

How does Scoby work?

In order for the Scoby to produce kombucha and a new Scoby, we feed it with the ingredients mentioned above. Mixed in an infusion, add them to the Scoby and let it ferment for a few days to produce kombucha and a new offspring.

Today is Mother's Day, and as a kombucha master, I couldn't fail to mention Scoby, who, like all mothers, is the cause of all the magic.


the mothers of Komvida

With two children in the world (almost three, because she's like another one), Bea is not only the best Komvida she is like another one), Bea is not only the best partner and friend one could wish for, she has also become the best mother in the world. Without her talent, dedication, hard work and passion, Komvida would be just a dream. Thank you for everything you give us. I am very proud of you.

Congratulations, Bea!


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