What do those who have tried Komvida say?

Some time ago we asked our customers what was the best thing about drinking Komvida. They sent us videos where they told us why they drink it, what benefits it makes them feel, and the moments when they drink it... Here's what they told us!

Carol, Madrid "Kombucha is a very complete drink. It's healthy, it's refreshing and it's really good. Discovering kombucha a few years ago was a salvation for us in terms of what to drink during the day other than a conventional soft drink. We also love kombucha after sport... In other words, a drink of kombucha after sport is the highlight of the day.

Alba de Lleida

Alba, Lleida "I was already a kombucha consumer, but finding one that was good and unpasteurised... it took some doing. The flavours of Komvida The flavours of kombucha are superb and delicious. For me it's a great probiotic".

javi from Madrid

Javi, Madrid "I like Komvida because it is very tasty. It has allowed me to replace sugary soft drinks. My favourites are Ginger and lemon (Gingervida), Red fruits (Berryvida) and Apple, cinnamon and vanilla".

Cristina and Komvida

Cristina, Mérida "I take it after large meals, such as pulses or meat... A little sip after eating is great for my digestion". 

Sara, Valencia

Sara, from Valencia "Not only is it amazing, but since I've been taking it I feel much more energetic and vital than before. Mine, the Ginger and Lemon".

Lupe, Sevilla

Lupe, Seville "My favourite is the Kombujito. Thanks to Komvida, confinement has become more pleasant for me. I drink it in the middle of the morning; instead of drinking another kind of soft drink, I drink a kombucha and it gives me energy for the rest of the day.

 Pablo, Madrid

Pablo, Madrid "I like kombucha because I think it is a drink of the future, it is synonymous with drinking health. Kombucha Komvida in particular is the TOP N1 for me because of all the ones I've had, it's the one I like the most. It is very refreshing, thirst-quenching and delicious".

Find out for yourself what your favourite flavour is and how good Komvida makes you feel.

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