Gut microbiota - what is it?

As part of our aim to contribute to people's well-being, we at Komvida want to educate about well-being .

That's why this week is dedicated to the gut microbiota . You have no idea how your bacteria and other organisms that live in your gut affect your overall health . It's a fascinating world. 

In today's post we are going to try to make it very clear what the microbiota is, its functions and what we can do to take care of it. You will be surprised.

Gut microbiota

What it is:

It is the collection of micro-organisms that live in your gut. The balance between bacteria, yeasts, fungi and other microorganisms is essential for your health.

Its role:

Metabolic: promotes digestion.

Barrier: defends against microbes, toxins,...

Defence: develops the intestinal immune system.

Maintenance: production and maintenance of intestinal mucosa

What happens when our microbiota is out of balance?

We can develop inflammatory bowel diseases, obesity and allergies.

What do we do to take care of it? 

Through healthy lifestyle habits, for example by eating a balanced diet! Probiotics, such as kombucha, and prebiotics are a must.

But... What are these foods and what is the difference between them?

Source: Bicodex Microbiota Institute

probiotic and prebiotic

Probiotics vs. prebiotics


What they are: microorganisms that can be ingested.

Function: increases the number of good micro-organisms necessary for a diverse microbiota.

Examples: Kefir, kimchi, yoghurt or kombucha, such as that of Komvida!


What they are: a type of fibre that feeds your microbiota. In other words, food for your bacteria!

Function: strengthens and facilitates the proliferation of our micro-organisms.

Examples: garlic, artichokes, asparagus, leeks, chicory, bananas, potatoes and sweet potatoes, oats, wheat and other cereals.

 how microbiota influences your mind

The incredible connection between microbiota and the brain 

Healthy gut = healthy brain

Xavi Cañellas said in El Podcast de Bea Magro that there is a two-way road between our brain and our microbiota. What happens below, affects above and the other way around! 

We all know, and it has happened to all of us, that when we are nervous or stressed we lose our hunger, we have diarrhoea.... We know that what happens in our brain is reflected in our intestine. But... what if we told you that what happens in our brain is reflected in our gut? But what if we told you that what happens in your gut affects your mental health and your moods?

All the more reason to take good care of it! 

"A growing number of studies show that mental illnesses can be prevented and treated by acting on our microbiota". Gut Microbiota for Heath.


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