Europe's most kombucha-drinking village per capita

This town is called Fregenal de la Sierra. It has barely 5000 inhabitants, is in the south of Extremadura, and has gone from being "the land of the Iberian pig" to being "the land of kombucha". But what is so special about this village that it is known as "the village of kombucha"?

Fregenal de la Sierra, Badajzo

Bea, founder of Komvida and a native of Fregenal de la Sierra, was travelling around the world when, in California, she came across for the first time the drink that was a hit in Hollywood. It was a delicious, fizzy and very, very healthy drink.

"How come we don't have anything like this in Spain", she thought. At that very moment she called her best friend Nuria, also from Fregenal, to tell her that they were going to start a kombucha company. And so they did! From the very beginning they knew they would set up the Komvida factory in their home town of Fregenal. "There is nothing like producing your dreams in the place where you were born and where you were cared for.

So, after a lot of hard work, today we can say that Komvida is a Spanish product, made in Extremadura and more specifically, in Fregenal de la Sierra. "Our neighbours happily welcomed the idea of having something as exotic as a kombucha factory in their town.

Today, children and adults in Fregenal have taken to the fashionable drink, which can be found in all the shops and supermarkets in the town.

But Komvida not only came to the south of Extremadura to revolutionize the world of soft drinks, but also to create jobs. Today, more than 25 women from Fregenal and the surrounding area make possible the production of the best kombucha in the world with the stamp Made in Spain. Komvida is a drink made with national and local organic ingredients. It is a kombucha bottled in glass and is born to demonstrate that rural women have no limits .  


Proud to be from the village, (but also from the world)

Nuria and Bea

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Komvida kombucha

Kombucha Coffee: a tasty and healthy blend to improve your day

FAQs Komvida

Questions about kombucha? This is your post