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How to turn a healthy drink that supports the rural economy into a brand of reference

A couple of weeks ago, Vogue did a feature on us and gave us the opportunity to tell our story.

For us it is a huge achievement that a medium like Vogue recognises us for so much work and effort. We are so grateful and happy that we can only shout THANK YOU to the four winds.

The idea that began to take shape in an attic in Extremadura is now more than that. It is the dream come true of two young entrepreneurs who have managed to turn their project into a benchmark brand at European level.

 "We created Komvida to contribute to people's well-being".


We always say: we have created Komvida with a single purpose: to contribute to people's well-being. We achieve this through two key factors.

Komvida as a product: Real good Kombucha

Komvida is the alternative to sugary and carbonated soft drinks that do us so much harm. We make our kombucha in an artisanal way, without anything unusual added, respecting its fermentation times and not pasteurising it so that it maintains its probiotic properties.

We package it in glass, to protect the environment and we produce it in a sustainable way.

Doing things well has a price, but we will continue to do them so well and with so much love and tenacity to bring you the best product. The best kombucha in the world.

Komvida as a project: Going for women

The south of Extremadura does not offer many job opportunities for rural women. The industry you can find is limited to slaughterhouses and some wineries and cheese factories. We wanted to bet on our land and bring innovation in the form of a kombucha factory that employs almost 30 women. Women with different histories, ages and personal situations, but all of them incredibly hard-working, intelligent, prepared and motivated to fulfil the dream of taking our project further. A dream that has become part of all of them.

They called us crazy, they told us we couldn't do it and that we were naïve. But rural women have no limits

We trust and believe in you. Go for it.


Chin chin,

Nuria and Bea


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