We present to you: The bottle of our dreams

A unique, original and personalised bottle especially for Komvida- FINALLY!

You can't imagine what it means to us to be able to have our own bottle for our kombucha. It is a dream we had from the beginning and, at last, it has come true thanks to four years of evolution, growth and work.

Do you like it? We are crazy happy with it.

This little bottle also hides a secret. Somewhere on it is inscribed the iconic "K" for "Komvida". Komvida... Have you found it yet?

We also surprise you with a new format:


We want to be more functional. We get SIMPLE, we get BETTER!

Your favourite 250 ml bottle has found an inseparable companion: Hello, 750 ml! We say goodbye to the 500 ml and 1000 ml formats that have given us so much joy over the last 4 years, but for a change for the BETTER.

With this bottle you'll get more litres for less euros and, THIS MOLA!

It's so convenient that you can use it for dinner with friends or to drink it on the way back from the gym (we know that the 500 ml one sometimes fell short). Komvilover, no more storage problems in your fridge, we make it easy for you!

Besides, now that the good weather is coming, dear 750... You've come at a good time!!!

But... you decide whether you want to share it or not;)

We are so in love with this new format that it has arrived in ALL flavours. And, yes, when we say everyone we mean your beloved, too. KOMBUJITOYUHUUUUUUU! It's all joy.


Nuria and Bea.

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