What has happened in 4 years of entrepreneurship?

Year 2016, this is where it all began...

It was the year 2016 when I, Bea, co-founder of KomvidaI decided that I was going to travel around the world to find what would give true meaning to my life. 

My mother says that "God came to see me" because, at my first stop, I came across kombucha in California. "How come I had never tried this before," I thought.

It seemed so tasty, so healthy and so cool that, at that moment, I called Nuria to pitch her an idea: "How about creating our own brand?


Year 2017, the birth

As you can imagine, Bea convinced me to start making kombucha. She kept on going around the world during that year and I, Nuria, who accompanied her in some stages, went back to Fregenal to start doing the tests and, on 2 March 2017, we founded Komvida!

Here is a picture of how we started making kombucha.


Year 2018, small steps

We were a very small team to do everything. But we had a lot of enthusiasm and we did a lot of new things. It's a year in which many new Komvilovers joined us.

We filmed our documentary Mano de Santo, we have a new design on the label of the Komvida...

Oh, and Komvida Apple, Cinnamon & Vanilla and Komvida Carrot & Turmeric joined the clan :) There weren't always six of us!



Year 2019, it was key!

You could find us in more and more places like Carrefour, El Corte Inglés or Alcampo. We managed to bring Komvida to more than 5000 points of sale. 
We tried Komvida by Mario Sandoval for the first time. Komvida The most exclusive and, the Kombujito is here to stay, brightening up the summer for all of us.


2020, the year that made us strong

We wanted to eat 2020! And we started strong with our first Komvida Course. You loved it and we loved doing it, so we repeated it two more times!

We were caught in the pandemic and we are not going to deceive you... we were very scared, but we were clear about our purpose: to contribute to people's wellbeing. And with that, of course, we knew how to overcome and stay afloat.

We leave you here a souvenir of part of the Komvida team You didn't want the factory to stop!  

These Komvidas were sent to the Hospital de Zafra (in Extremadura):


In the summer we lifted our spirits and went to the Pol 3.14 Komcierto with the Multisabor Pack! 

Oh, and we let ourselves be surprised by the Mystery Box gifts.


2021, the year of dreams

In January we opened the doors of Espacio Komvida, a little piece of the essence of our village, Fregenal de la Sierra, in the heart of Madrid. 

More and more of you are coming here to meet us and try Komvida... and we are so excited about it! And what a pleasure it is for us! 


In March we celebrate our fourth anniversary. And we are going to do it by putting the icing on the cake with a new bottle: unique, our own and personalised. And with a new format, available in all flavours.

We told you that 2021 was the year of dreams.


A hug from Fregenal,

Nuria and Bea


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