When is it best to drink kombucha?

Do you love kombucha but have doubts about when you should drink it? Read on to find out when is the best time for you according to your needs.

If you are still not quite sure what kombucha is all about, let us tell you: it is a drink that is delicious and has very beneficial properties for the organism.

In the case of Komvida is made with water, organic green tea, Scoby (a symbiosis of bacteria and yeast) and organic cane sugar. In the fermentation process that takes place, the Scoby consumes the tea and sugar almost entirely, resulting in this delicious drink: kombucha.

Thus, the remaining sugar in the kombucha, in the case of Komvidais a minimal residue of around 2-3%. In other words, it is a "residual" sugar and not "added", as we never add sugar after fermentation.

As you can see, it is a super light drink with many beneficial health properties (remember that it is a probiotic drink).

It's perfect for any time of the day, but we all have our own favourite Komvida moment for different reasons. Are you still not sure when is the best time to drink your kombucha? We'll help you in this post!  

Take it in the morning to fill you up with energy.

There's nothing like starting the morning with energy. Komvida revitalises you from the inside out, because when you take Komvida KomvidaKomvida is a great way to get your body full of good bacteria that are ready to go. Just concentrate on enjoying the taste, they do the work for you. Some people like to drink it on an empty stomach, others as a substitute for coffee - let us know!

Mid-morning snack

Not sure what to drink? Used to drinking the usual sugary soft drink to take the edge off your hunger? Go for the healthy alternative, have one and treat yourself Komvida and treat yourself, but healthy. You will notice how it satiates you and makes you feel light.

With lunch and dinner

There are days when drinking water seems a bit "boring". We want something else! But it's not the time to drink alcohol and, of course, we don't want to fill our bellies with a sugary soft drink either. Komvida The water soft drink is an innovative, modern and tasty alternative that goes perfectly with any dish and will surprise your guests!

After a large meal, for better digestion

Have a glass of Komvida after heavy meals: you will get rid of bloating and feel much lighter. "Mano de santo", as they say in our village.

After training, to recover better

The best way to hydrate and replenish your body with vitamins after exercise. You'll see how much faster you'll recover.

On a terrace, mid-afternoon with friends

It doesn't all have to be beer, wine and sugary soft drinks, but what if you had a healthy alternative to all that? That's what Komvida. 

You see, just as there is no perfect time to be happy, there is no better time than any other to take your time to be happy. Komvida. You just enjoy it, we are already working to make you feel great.


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