When we work together, things like this happen

Since this strange situation began, we have continued working non-stop to make sure that no one lacks their Komvida. But also, we wanted to go a little further. We want to make you feel good, and not only through our kombucha, but also by making you smile every time we tell you what we are "involved" in.

This quarantine, we have proposed to bring light to all the houses in Spain, thanks to Komvida and to different ideas and activities that we have been publishing in social networks to brighten up the days of confinement. You can read them on the blog.

There are endless opportunities to have a good time at home, and no doubt, it is thanks to the solidarity of so many who offer their best when we need it most. When we work together to achieve a common goal, we accomplish wonderful things. We bring out our most human and caring side... and we feel proud because we have a society full of heroes. We can only thank you for so much: To all of you who continue working to take care of us from our village in Fregenal producing the best bottled kombucha:

Red Cross and Komvida

Fregenal Police

Fregenal Physician            

To our heroes in Madrid and to our carriers, for staying on the job:

Gregorio Marañón 


(you can click on the second image to see the video).

And especially, THANK YOU to you, our Komvilovers, because thanks to your constant support, we can do nice things like this:

kombucha teachers

(click to view)


A hug from Fregenal,

Nuria and Bea

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