Why do all celebrities and influencers drink this kombucha?

All of Hollywood is crazy about one drink: kombucha. Best of all, kombucha has arrived in Spain and is now available to you. But first of all... What is it and what's so special about it?

US first

Ever since Californian surfers made kombucha fashionable a few years ago, no American celebrity has been able to resist its flavour. Madonna, Hilary Duff, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lady Gaga, Orlando Bloom, Reese Witherspoon, the Kardashians and Halle Berry? kombucha is the drink of Hollywood!

And now in Spain!

Despite its fame in California, kombucha is not a drink made by a group of surfers in the 80's... kombucha is an ancient drink and it comes from Asia!

Legend has it that the Samurai used to drink it to gain energy before their battles. You can read here what the legend says, but what we can tell you is that we have rescued this millenary recipe to create the best kombucha in the world: it is called Komvidaand we make it in Extremadura.

From the Royal Palace to the queen of Instagram

No one can resist a really tasty and healthy soft drink. They say that Queen Letizia drinks Komvida! Is it because of its benefits, or because it's so good, or because it's so cool that we make it in a traditional way in Extremadura?

The world Komvida has stopped being the dream of two enterprising girls from Extremadura to become a reality: our kombucha has become the drink that those who bet on all the good things that a soft drink brings you without renouncing to health.

In addition, at Komvida we are very committed to the environment: we pack in glass and we do it in a sustainable way, avoiding the production of minimum waste.

Haven't tried it yet? Do as they do, and replace sugary soft drinks with Komvida- join the Instagram revolution! Pss: you can get your Komvidas here!


Tamara Falcó (@tamara_falco)

"Energy with @komvidakombucha. A natural, healthy, sustainable probiotic and a project led by women with a beautiful story... 💚"

tamara falcó and komvida

Dani Rovira (@danirovira)

"My friends from @komvidakombucha just released Komvirra: the "virra" well, the "virra" with V for life, with V for "VàmonosQueNosVamos" 💃🏻🕺🏻" 

dani rovira and komvida

Rocío Osorno (@rocio0sorno)

"I don't know if you know @komvidakombucha Kombucha but when you discover it you will love it as much as I do. It's a super healthy drink and acts as a natural probiotic that helps us to digest better, it's an antioxidant, it strengthens the immune system...".

rocio osorno and komvida

Paz Padilla (@paz_padilla)

"It won't be long until the new season starts and I'm still finding time to study. Since I met its creators Bea and Nuria, @komvidakombucha always accompanies me, a delicious soft drink that provides extra energy, regenerates and helps me to eliminate toxins. If you haven't tried it, do it and let me know 😉".

paz padilla and komvida

Goyo Jiménez (@goyojimenez)

goyo jimenez and komvida

Mery Turiel (@meryturiel)

"The one I like the most at the moment is Ginger Lemon. Kombucha has natural bubbles and is great as a meal replacement for less healthy drinks.

mery turiel and komvida

Carlos Rios (@carlosriosq) and Realfooding

"@realfooding: "Do you know kombucha? Kombucha is a probiotic drink. It is a living food that provides you with thousands and thousands of bacteria that are very beneficial for your health: it helps you to improve digestion, to repopulate your microbiota. Many of you ask us for alternatives to sugary soft drinks to accompany your meals, and this is definitely a very good option as it also has bubbles produced naturally by fermentation.

realfooding and komvida

Jessica Goicoechea (@goicoechea)

jessica goicochea and komvida

Santiago Segura (@ssantiagosegura)

"Dear Nuria and Bea, I just wanted to send you my congratulations, after having been totally hooked on the @komvidakombucha of ginger and lemon, I have just tried the komvirra and you have done it again! It's amazing.

It's like having a non-alcoholic beer, but with a more special flavour (and only 12.5 calories!!!) #komvirrafan".

santiago segura and komvida

Vicky Martín Berrocal (@vickymartinberrocal)

"Hello family!!! Today I share with you my favourite healthy drink @komvidakombucha. You already know me and you know that lately I'm starting to take care of myself more and more, that's why it couldn't be better!!!! A gift!!!

It is healthy and also acts as a natural probiotic. As I say, to die for!

vicky martin berrocal and Komvida

Flo (@flofdezz)

"Kombucha; I've only known it for a short time and it is very healthy for my intestine... but discovering @KomvidaKombucha, made in Extremadura, makes me feel better!!!! A healthy alternative that refreshes!!!"

flo and komvida

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