Why is it only in February that we give health as a double gift?

You know us: Komvida is all about health and well-being. In fact, we founded our kombucha company with one goal in mind: to contribute to people's well-being.

But in February, we wanted to go one step further by giving a double gift of health.

During the month of February, with any online order, not only do you receive health in the form of the best kombucha in the world, but we also send you a free mini-course to make you feel better than ever.

Tell me more about Komvida mini-courses

We'll just tell you that the mini-courses are taught by very TOP collaborators with a large community on Instagram. Depending on when you purchase your Komvidas in our online shop, you can receive a course on one subject or another.

Currently, and only until 11 February, Alex Yáñez de la Cal will be in charge of helping us to improve our health through food. Alex teaches us how to read labels, identify ultra-processed foods and, of course, teaches us much more about kombucha tea.

TIP: we have prepared very special mini-courses to take care of our health through sport and cooking!!!!

Soon we will tell you who our collaborators will be, because we assure you: you will be amazed.  


Bea & Komvida Team

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