Komvida Tip #2 for quarantine days

#yomequedoencasa but learning with these #podcasts

Today we have prepared a selection of podcasts for you to take advantage of and learn these days that we are going to be at home. It's not all about series and films, is it? There's something for everyone: inspirational, nutrition and sport, meditation... Come on, put on your headphones, let's get started!

A life to suit you: the Living to the fullest podcast

Ángel Alegre, a fellow countryman of ours, is the creator of this successful podcast and blog. He inspired me to take one of the most important decisions of my life: to travel around the world. Listen to it and you will know why ;)

His programme, A life to suit you, is aimed at all those people who want to create their own path instead of settling for a grey life that doesn't fulfil them. You have to listen to it! It will help you build a freer, more congruent life... and ultimately, a happier one.

In each episode he talks to normal people who one day decided to leave the established path to do something different, with the aim of understanding why they did it, what steps they took and what obstacles they had to overcome (he also interviewed me, OMG!). This is their podcast.

The dream podcast

Belén Canalejo is a communications professional, a pioneer in the world of online influence and a successful entrepreneur. In her podcast you will find keys to personal growth, practical tips that inspire her life and will end up inspiring yours. If you are driven by dreams, passion and the desire to be better every day, this is the podcast for you. 

Understand your mind

Molo Cebrián is the creator of this podcast. He has a degree in communication and is a psychology student. His aim is to help you understand yourself; to know yourself better and to listen to your emotions without fear. A curious thing is that the listeners are the ones who propose new topics every week (it has a weekly frequency) and also, the episodes are only 20 minutes long! Listen to it here

Modern Life

Let's put a bit of humour into the matter! You know we have a very special relationship with Ignatius Farray, David Broncano and Quequé. Radio is changing, and this is a clear example. This radio show on SER can not only be listened to in this format, but also on Youtube and podcast. If you need a good laugh, press play on any of its episodes!

Revolutionary Fitness Radio

Marcos Vázquez interviews people on this channel who provide a more complete and rigorous vision of health. He questions the dogmas about health and fitness to really improve your body. In his podcast you will find valuable information about intermittent fasting, diets, motivation, food, psychology... in short, health in general, with details and experts. He also answers questions from his followers! Run to listen to him and leave your questions ;

Tara Brach (podcast)

If you're good with your English, Tara Brach is a must. Tara is a well-known international meditation teacher who shares a weekly guided meditation that combines Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices. The podcast addresses the value of mindfulness meditation and self-compassion to alleviate emotional suffering, serve spiritual awakening and bring healing to our world. Definitely a journey worth taking these days. Listen to it here. 

Bea Magro's podcast

Modesty aside, I also want to recommend my podcast! In case you don't know it yet, I publish weekly (every Tuesday) talks I've had with wonderful people who I'm sure have a lot to contribute to you about wellbeing, entrepreneurship, leadership and motherhood. Listen to it here.  

Did you already know any of them, and which one or ones are your favourite? If not, tell us which ones you've started with and what you think of them! Also, if you miss any of them, which I'm sure you do, let us know! Sharing is living and, above all, these days.

We send you lots and lots of encouragement. We sincerely hope that these podcasts will help you to clear your mind a little and learn about something that interests you.

Nuria and I are hooked on the podcast world! :)


A big hug from Fregenal,

Bea and Komvida Team

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