You won't believe it, but... We go everywhere!

Well, to be honest... reaching all parts of Spain with refrigerated transport is quite difficult. But you're getting to know us, and we don't stop until we achieve our goals. And yes, one of our goals was to reach all parts of Spain in order to bring wellbeing to all possible corners.

We also belong to the emptied Spain, and that does not mean that we think we should have fewer opportunities. This, among others, is our way of demonstrating it.

In fact, this summer, wherever you are, you can receive your Komvidas at home in less than 48 hours. In other words, if you want, we'll go on holiday with you because we literally go everywhere. Yes, yes, even to the village where your grandmother lives and there's not even wifi.... And we deliver them to you fresh!  

Why do we send them in refrigerated transport?

Because Komvida is an unpasteurised drink. We decided not to pasteurise our kombucha in order to preserve all its probiotic properties. If we did, all the good bugs would die and the magic of kombucha would be lost.

That's why at Komvida we always maintain the cold chain! We do it through Seur Frío and, of course, this makes the cost of our service a little bit higher. Sometimes you tell us that the shipping (€4.95) is a bit expensive, but it is the only way we have found to bring you top quality kombucha: with all its benefits and a perfectly preserved flavour.

In addition, from 43 €, shipping costs are free. It's a good deal, isn't it? You know, there's no stopping us!


Get your Komvidas here and let's live our best summer TOGETHER.

Nuria and Bea

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