Discover the Komvida Space

Discover the Komvida Space

The first post of the year coincides with one of the most exciting news in the history of Komvida. Finally, we can tell you our best kept secret... We opened the Komvida Space in Madrid!
6 recipes to surprise this Christmas

6 recipes to surprise this Christmas

Christmas is coming! And, after such a strange year.... year, the only thing we can do is CELEBRATE. Because if there is something beautiful about these dates, it is that whatever happens during the year, the illusion always remains. We invite you to toast with us with these 6 recipes to surprise this Christmas!
Gut microbiota - what is it?

Gut microbiota - what is it?

As part of our aim to contribute to people's wellbeing, at Komvida we want to educate about wellbeing. We talk about the intestinal microbiota. Do you want to know what it is?

Discover the advantages of Komvida Subscription

Discover the advantages of Komvida Subscription

For fans of our kombucha it is a real pleasure to receive your monthly packs without any effort. How? You choose your favourite pack, the frequency with which you want to receive it and just wait for it to arrive home, you know: in less than 48 hours. Are you one of them? Switch to Komvida Subscription!
15 women who inspire us

15 women who inspire us

Today, 19 November, we celebrate the Day of the Enterprising Woman. Since Komvida was born, we spend our time doing what makes us happy. Thanks to this project, we can put our work at the service of others and pave the way for other women to achieve their goals.
Bea Magro_Nuria Morales

We're in Vogue! Check out the cool interview we did with them

A couple of weeks ago, Vogue did a feature on us and gave us the opportunity to tell our story.
For us it is a huge achievement that a medium like Vogue recognises us for so much work and effort. We are so grateful and happy that we can only shout THANK YOU to the four winds.
4 healthy snack ideas for autumn

4 healthy snack ideas for autumn

Pumpkin brownie, pumpkin balls with cheese, panallets with no added sugar... and Komvida + nuts, of course! Discover all the recipes in this post - you'll love them!
|PL4NETS 2020

A TOP initiative, by Pau Gasol

At Komvida, we are fans of charitable causes and initiatives that promote people's wellbeing. A few days ago we heard that the great Paul Gasol was launching a wellbeing summit called PL4NETS. We love to recommend things that we believe in and that bring so much good to society!
Komvida flavours

How to identify a good kombucha

We want you to be an expert kombucha maker and, when you go to the supermarket, we want you to be able to tell the difference between a quality kombucha and one that is not. So here is our guide to identifying good kombucha.

You won't believe it, but... We go everywhere!

We literally go everywhere. Yes, yes, even in the village where your grandmother lives and there's not even wifi... we get there too! And we deliver them to you fresh!

4 reasons why you need Komvida in summer

In Fregenal, where we live, it's really hot. And what's the best way to beat the heat? Of course: a cool Komvida. In this post we remind you of the benefits of drinking Komvida, especially now in summer.
fermented|fermented radish|||

3 fermented foods you can't miss in your diet

Yesterday I had a very interesting talk with my friend Beatriz Moliz, an expert in fermented foods. Shall I tell you what we talked about? I'll tell you one thing in advance: you'll want to start fermenting before you finish reading this post. 3 fermented foods that you can't miss in your diet!
Pol 3.14|Pack Komcierto

Come to the best event in the history of Komvida

Most of us, after these months, have learned to value, appreciate and long for moments (at least a little more than we did before). Moments that belonged to an everyday life that we thought would be insurmountable. That's why we at Komvida wanted to make up for this lost time. We'll tell you about it!
consumption moments|Komvida moments

When is it best to drink kombucha?

Do you love kombucha but have doubts about when you should drink it? Read on and find out when is the best time for you depending on your needs. And if you're still not quite sure what kombucha is all about, we'll tell you!
Nuria and Bea Fregenal|Fregenal de la Sierra, Badajoz

Europe's most kombucha-drinking village per capita

This town is called Fregenal de la Sierra. It has barely 5000 inhabitants, is in the south of Extremadura, and has gone from being "the land of the Iberian pig" to being "the land of kombucha". But what is so special about this village that it is known as "the village of kombucha"?
FAQs Komvida

Questions about kombucha? This is your post

Hello! If you've landed on this post, you're probably new here. To be honest, we all have doubts when we first hear the name "kom-bu-cha". Read on and get ready: we introduce you to the best soft drink in the world.
Friends drink komvida|Alba from Lleida|||javi from Madrid|Cristina and Komvida|Sara, Valencia|Lupe, Sevilla|Pablo, Madrid|Those who have already tried Komvida||

What do those who have tried Komvida say?

Some time ago we asked our customers what was the best thing about drinking Komvida. They sent us videos where they told us why they drink it, what benefits it makes them feel, and the moments when they drink it... This is what they answered us!
influencers|Komvida TamaraFalcó|||Realfooding|RocioOsorno|Dani Rovira Komvida|Vicky Martín Berrocal|Paz Padilla Komvida|MeryTuriel

Why do all celebrities and influencers drink this kombucha?

We don't know if it's because of its benefits, because it's incredibly good or both... but all of Hollywood is crazy about one drink: kombucha. Best of all, kombucha has arrived in Spain and is now available to you - find out which celebrities and influencers drink Komvida!
scoby||Bea|Scoby Komvida

The mothers of Komvida

We often say that "there is only one mother". This statement may be true in many cases, but this is clearly not the case in the Komvida world. There is a very, very special mother for Komvida, who is certainly not the kind of mother you have in mind. We are talking about mother Scoby, the mother of kombucha.

When we work together, things like this happen

Since this strange situation began, we have continued to work tirelessly to ensure that no one lacks their Komvida. But we also wanted to go a little further. When we work together for a common goal, we achieve wonderful things. Thank you for so much!
these shops bring me what I need|La milla verde vegana|BIOSANO|bumbutea|LA GRANJA BLANCA||la cucufata sevilla|cal fruitos|coco superfood|||||ECOMARKT

Komvida tip #11 for quarantine days

#I'm staying at home, but these shops bring me what I need. Your traditional grocery shop: home delivery! Komvilovers, supermarkets can't keep up, and yet there are many small shops that are willing to bring their products to your home: fresh and quality. Go for them and stay at home.
I'm having a party||||||

Komvida tip #10 for quarantine days

#yomequedoencasa pero me monto una fiesta ¡Es viernes! Y, aunque estemos de cuarentena, vamos a celebrarlo. Ponte tus mejores galas y prepárate para disfrutar, porque hoy os traemos una súper playlist con música cañera y unas recetas de cocktails para que disfrutéis del viernes noche. ¡Chin chin!
I'm going to a concert or recital

Komvida tip #9 for quarantine days

#I'm staying at home but I'm going to a concert/recital/theatre Who doesn't like a song? Listening to their favourite band? Having a poem dedicated to them? Watching a play? Well, here's a list so that every day you have a great plan.
sleeping like a baby

Komvida tip #8 for quarantine days

#I'm staying at home but I sleep like a baby Mums and Dads... you're going to love this post :) Just like having a healthy diet, good hydration or regular physical exercise, it is essential to sleep well for our wellbeing as it contributes to our physical and mental health.
Enriching myself culturally

Komvida tip #7 for quarantine days

#Staying at home but enriching myself culturally Staying at home doesn't have to mean that we stop going to museums, theatres or visiting emblematic cities and monuments. Get dressed, grab your notebook to take notes, and get your energy ready... let's get started!
Komvida tip #6 for quarantine days

Komvida tip #6 for quarantine days

#I'm staying at home but I'm becoming a handyman These days at home, it's essential to establish a routine: setting schedules, getting dressed, exercising... but we know that there are also a lot of dead hours. That's why today we're going to get into handyman mode. Let's tell you about it!
I become a chef

Komvida tip #5 for quarantine days

#I'm staying at home but I'm becoming a chef... One of recipes? Healthy recipes? Today we bring you a selection of recipes that we are sure are going to make this quarantine, at least, more delicious. Salads, first courses, main courses, desserts... there's everything! Come on! Put on your apron and let's get started!
I meditate

Komvida tip #4 for quarantine days

#I stay at home but I meditate. Today it's me, Bea, and I'm going to talk about meditation and how it has changed me. I'll also give you some tips to start meditating, and I'll leave you with the apps, books and profiles that inspire me the most. Come on!
I stay at home but I don't stay on the sofa.

Komvida tip #3 for quarantine days

#I'm staying at home, but not on the sofa... Let's go, let's go! There are no more excuses! What if "I don't have time", "I don't have the material", "the gym is too far away", "I don't have the level to enter that class"? We come out of this quarantine stronger ;) Come on, put on your sports clothes and... let's get down to business!
Learning with these podcasts

Komvida Tip #2 for quarantine days

#I'm staying at home but learning with these #podcasts. Today we have prepared a selection of podcasts for you to take advantage of and learn these days that we are going to be at home. It's not all about series and films, is it?
I'm staying at home but eating well.

Komvida Tip #1 for quarantine days

#I'm staying at home but eating well. Since even before we formed Komvida, our aim has always been to bring health and contribute to everyone's wellbeing. This work has been made much easier thanks to the amount of information available to us today, so here are our recommendations!

5 projects you need to know about: The 5 brands of the Mystery Box

We are very proud of the brands that have wanted to collaborate with our Mystery Box. They are beautiful projects of partner brands and friends of Komvida that we personally love and share 100% their values. We tell you what they are so you can get to know them a little better!
Komvida bottles all flavours|Komvida in your home

5 tips before drinking kombucha

How much kombucha can you drink a day? What are its properties? How much can you drink a day? When is the best time to drink Komvida Kombucha? In this post we solve all your doubts.
|Nutrition Seminar Alex Yáñez for Komvida

Why is it only in February that we give health as a double gift?

You know us: Komvida is all about health and wellness. In fact, we founded our ...

In 2019, we have fulfilled dreams

Dear Komvilovers: in 2019 we have fulfilled so many dreams. We are the European kombucha brand with the most followers on Instagram, we have been on El Hormiguero and La Vida Moderna, we have participated in the Inspiring Girls event and we have released two amazing flavours. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Mystery Box: the most surprising pack from Komvida

That December is the month of surprises and presents is clear to us, but it is also the month when we all become a little more like children again and long to feel the illusion of Christmas days. And that's why the Mystery Box is back!