5 things that happened in kombucha month

We are celebrating kombucha month

21 February was International Kombucha Day. But we love kombucha so much that only one day was not enough for us.

That's why we wanted February to be kombucha month! That's why February has been full of surprises and nice things to celebrate in style. 

We'll tell you about it: 

Surprise 1 of Kombucha Month: Our new release. OMG

¡Komvida Kafé! 

For coffee lovers who love kombucha.

A morning wonder to have a very good day .

Haven't tried it yet? Don't miss out, you can get it here.

Surprise 2 of the kombucha month: Breakfast at KomvidaSpace. 

We prepared a very special breakfast so that you could get to know Komvida Komvida Kafé and we accompanied it with some delicious churros

We had such a great time. Thank you all so much for coming. We loved meeting you. 

Surprise 3 of the kombucha month: Now with the Komvida Subscription you can personalise your pack!

Wow, this is a surprise, huh? 

It was one of the most desired things and it has finally arrived. We have worked hard so that you can personalise your packs. Now with the Subscription Komvida you can choose your favourite Komvidas and enjoy all their flavour. 

Kombucha Month Surprise 4: Golden Ticket

This gift is just too COOL.

A Komvilover has been lucky enough to find the GOLDEN TICKET in his pack.

You can exchange it for a weekend in Fregenal and get to know the birthplace of Komvida.

Surprise 5 of Kombucha Month: #MysteryBox

Yay! This pack that drives us all crazy has arrived to put the finishing touch to this intense month. A pack of 24 little bottles of Komvida with very special gifts from brands with soul and values such as those of Komvida.

Did you get yours? 

These are all the little surprises we have prepared for kombucha month- did you like them? We hope you did!

See you next time, Komvilover. 

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