8 ideas to reuse your Komvida bottles

Today, 5 June, is International Environment Day.

The United Nations motto for 2021 is "reimagine, recreate, restore". We have to take care of our planet and keep it strong for future generations. From KomvidaWe call for restoring ecosystems, avoiding overproduction, reducing pollution and generating as little waste as possible. Also, our resources are scarce, so we have to try to give things a second life.

At Komvida we are well aware of the need to caring for our land. That's why we don't pollute the sea with plastics, we don't pollute the air with our industrial manufacturing processes, we don't pollute the earth with chemicals or fertilisers, and we don't skimp on resources to make our product completely natural and healthy.
We only use 100% natural, organic and local productsWe are in favour of the local economy and the Km 0, we pack in glass so that they can be given a second life to our bottles and, we use the minimum essential resources for your shipments.

Komvida and sustainability

We would like to take this opportunity to answer one of your most frequently asked questions: What can we do with Komvida bottles?

Although we would love to develop a bottle collection system, it is something we have pending and we will start working on it as soon as possible. Until then, we can and you can use our bottles whenever you need them, as our bottles are sustainable and perfect to be used again and again.

In this post we give you 8 ideas to reuse your Komvidabottles.

1. Vase:

We think it's a great idea to give a second life to our bottles of Komvida and also, it will be the perfect excuse to have flowers at home, or to go out and look for them!
We couldn't love the creations of Paty, @eldiariodecarlitos and El Taller de Los Rosales (Galapagar, Madrid) more.

8 ideas to reuse your Komvida bottles - flower vase

2. Light bulbs:

You can buy a switch that fits the bottle or insert small white or coloured lights, it's super simple and gives a special touch to that corner of the house!
In the following examples you can see the ideal corners that Tania Borg and Irene have created in their homes.

8 ideas to reuse your Komvida bottles - lamparitas

3. Candle holder:

Although we love the little lamps, we offer an alternative for candle lovers. Transform your favourite corners with a much warmer and cosier atmosphere and use them for a special dinner or meal. Show off your DIY candle holders.
What can you do to achieve this? Just find a candle that fits the width of the bottle and that's it! You can also seal the candle to the neck of the bottle with some melted wax and it will give it a much more special touch.

8 ideas to reuse your Komvida bottles - candle holders

4. Liquid storage:

Unlike plastic containers, glass is colourless and odourless, making it the perfect container for storing other liquids such as oils, honey, broths, purées, gazpacho, etc. Check out this smoothie storage idea from @foodgoodart, we love it!

8 ideas to reuse your Komvida bottles - storing liquids

5. Soap dispenser:

Do you buy your soaps or shampoo in bulk, do you want to store them in original containers? Very simple, you canuse your Komvidabottles ! The 250 ml bottle is perfect for hand soap and the 750 ml bottle is perfect for shampoo or dishwashing soap.

Soap dispenser

6. Self-watering system:

It is a system that has become very fashionable and we think it is a great idea so that our plants do not suffer when we are not at home. Moreover, it can also be the perfect solution for those who forget to water them (always or from time to time).
It adapts to the needs of each plant and species, they don't get waterlogged and it saves a lot of water as not a single drop is wasted. Do you dare to try it?

8 ideas to reuse your Komvida bottles - self-watering system

7. Store seeds or save sand from your favourite sites:

You can use them to store the seeds with which you will later create new lives.
And @eldiariodecarlitos saves sand from his favourite beaches in bottles. Komvida Give your bottles a second life and store great memories!

8 ideas to reuse your Komvida bottles - store sand

8. Musical instrument:

We can think of a thousand ways to reuse Komvida bottles, but we couldn't like this one better. Ara(@eldiariodecarlitos) came up with the idea for her son's school project.

8 ideas to reuse your Komvida bottles - instrument

Here are just 8 ideas for reusing your plastic bottles. Komvidabut not the only ones. Can you think of any more? Share them with us on your social networks or tag us so we can see them - we'll love them!

Komvida is not just a product, it's a way of life and it's what it does for you.

Nuria and Bea.

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