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Have you ever heard the word Scoby? If you are familiar with the world of kombucha you probably already know what it is. Maybe, if you already know it, you are looking for a way to buy Scoby. to buy Scoby. We are going to give you all the info so you can do it.

The word "Scoby" is an acronym (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) and it is a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. Perhaps you have been told about the "kombucha fungus" which is how it is called in some cases and it is the magic ingredient to obtain this delicious drink.

Scoby is used for the production of various beverages and foods, including kombucha. 

Discovering Scoby

Scoby is a symbiosis of bacteria and yeasts that are inhabiting an environment in harmony and balance. What this basically means is that they need each other in order to survive. 

There are Scobys that generate their own house, that is, that generate their own medium, such as kombucha. In this one a cellulose film can be distinguished. 

When fermentation occurs, this community of bacteria and yeasts largely consumes the tea and sugar, resulting in kombucha. 

The size and thickness of the scoby varies depending on the size of the vessel used to ferment the kombucha and the time it is left to ferment, among other things. 

To do so, we must take into account the temperature, the food given and the place we have chosen to keep the Scoby, since it is not the same to keep it in humid or dry places. 

The Scoby is a living being and therefore, it can die. And if you wonder how you realize that your Scoby has died, it's easy. If it grows the classic fungus that grows on food after some time has passed, it is because it has passed to a better life. 

It is easy to make Scoby but it is not so easy to do it well. At the end of the article we leave you the indications to make your Scoby. But if you have no knowledge about it and what you want is to drink your kombucha with total security, knowing that the elaboration has been done correctly, then you can always buy the kombucha directly. 

Where to buy Scoby for kombucha

Nowadays, you can buy Scoby online or in physical stores such as herbalists. Try putting in the search engine buy scoby Madrid for example, if you live around there, and you will get a lot of options. From private websites to Amazon or Ebay. There are also communities of fermenters with whom you can contact and make exchanges of Scobys or just buy them.

Sale of scoby kombucha

There are certain issues that you must take into account when you go to buy a scoby. It is all very well that the internet allows you to buy and sell many items, but you risk that it is not in good condition. And it is not the same to buy something that does not work than something that you will use to eat or drink as in this case. 

How do you know if your Scoby has mold?

It is very easy. Mold usually looks like specks of lint of different colors. That is, there may be white, red, black, gray, orange or brown mold. The longer you let it sit, the more there will be. They are usually on the surface, so you will see them clearly.

Scoby kombucha buy

Now, if you want to buy Scoby to make kombucha, you can do it through the different ways that we mentioned above, buy directly the kombucha made or simply make it at home. 

In case you want the kombucha brewed, we leave you a link here so that you can find the nearest point of sale to your home. Or you can buy it online to have it at home fresh in 24-48 hours.

On the other hand, if you want to make it at home read on. 😊

How is Scoby made?

There are different ways to make your Scoby, in case you prefer it rather than buying your Scoby. You can use tea in bags or tea in leaves for example, but in this case we will see how to make it with tea in bags or packets. 

You need a jar, a kombucha, green tea (some make it with red or black tea), a paper filter, cloth or napkin and an eraser. 

It is advisable to use a glass jar with a wide diameter, since the Scoby will take the size of the jar. 

When choosing kombucha, keep in mind that the more sediment it has, the better. And it should not be pasteurized, which would mean that all the microorganisms would be dead and would not make sense.

On the other hand, remember to wash the jar and your hands well. Some people wash the jar with hot water and others with vinegar. 

We are ready! Start by boiling 4 cups of water. When the water is almost boiling, around 90º, you can turn it off and add three green tea bags and let it steep for about five minutes. While it's steeping, add a third of a cup of cane sugar or your daily sugar and stir to dissolve. 

Then, remove the tea bags and check that the sugar is properly dissolved. Let it temper and come to room temperature for a couple of hours. 

Pour the liquid into the jar that you have previously sterilized as described above. Add two cups of the purchased kombucha to the tea.

And finally, cover it with a tight cloth with a rubber band. You can also use a paper filter or napkin. Just be careful that there is not enough space for unwanted microorganisms to enter.

Let it rest for seven days in a place that does not have a lot of humidity and where it does not get direct sunlight. A film or cellulose will form, that will be your scoby. 

We hope you have learned more about this wonderful ingredient with which we manage to elaborate our kombucha. 

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