Where to buy Komvida Kombucha?

Komquistando Spain: Our points of sale

Since we started with Komvida 4 years ago, we started a KOMQUISTADo you know why? Because we are convinced that what we are doing is so good that deserves to reach every fridge in Spain.

We work every day to make it easier and easier to answer the question "where to buy Komvida Kombucha". More and more supermarkets, shops and restaurants want to make room for health with a truly healthy and delicious refreshment. Not only that, but betting on Komvida Kombucha is also to promote the project of two enterprising women who give work to more and more people in the rural area of Extremadura.

We are committed to neighbourhood shops and village shops.

We value small businesses for their tireless effort, for the value they have in creating such enriching projects, for their closeness, for their advice and for the affection with which they attend to us.

They are Nieves and Chiqui. They opened their little fruit shop a few years ago in Fregenal. The whole village knows them as the "chiquis" and, since we started with Komvida, their fridges have always had a little place for us.
Whoever has a shop in their village, in their neighbourhood? has a treasure!

Discover the shops where you can buy Komvida near you here.

We are committed to bars and restaurants.

Society is increasingly demanding healthy, alcohol-free alternatives to be enjoyed in bars and restaurants. Because enjoying and wanting to celebrate with your loved ones does not have to be at odds with taking care of yourself. Komvida is one of those alternatives.

That is why we are committed to bars and restaurants that are looking to reinvent themselves, that are committed to innovative products and projects and that want to make room for health.

A perfect and exciting example is the story of Rebeca y Superchulo, a modern and beautiful vegetarian restaurant in the heart of the Malasaña neighbourhood.

If you don't know it yet, we invite you to go there sometime and, of course, you can order Komvida!

Discover the restaurants and bars where you can enjoy your Komvida near you here.

We are also in large supermarkets.

Faced with the frenetic pace of life in big cities, we tend to opt for large supermarkets or supermarket chains where we can do our weekly shopping and fill our fridges. These establishments offer us convenience and the variety of products we need for our daily lives. How could we not be there?

You can currently find our Kombucha in large supermarkets such as El Corte Inglés, Hipercor, Carrefour, AhorraMás, Consum, Supersol, Herbolarios Navarro, Sánchez Romero and Bio c' Bon.

Find out where you can buy Komvida near you here.

But back to our initial question... Where can I buy Komvida?

The most convenient way to buy Komvida if you are an expert kombuchero, is through the KOMVIDA SUBSCRIPTION.

The best way to have your fridge always full of Komvida and to enjoy all its properties and benefitsevery day.

Being a subscriber does not involve any additional costs - on the contrary! With the Komvida Subscription you save on every order enjoying special prices and always free shipping. Yes, yes, for LIFE!

Plus, you don't have to bother ordering and you can cancel, pause or modify your subscription at any time. Cool, huh? And if you have any questions, no problem! From now on you can write to us by WhatsApp and we'll do everything for you. VIP service for subscribers, pure fantasy!

Have we convinced you? You can start your subscription here.

Our aim is to contribute to people's wellbeing and that is why we created this project. An innovative, sustainable project led by women from the south of Extremadura.

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Discover the "New Komvida Subscription".

Discover the "New Komvida Subscription".

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Komvida + Ferment Art

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