Komvida for rural girls and women

Komvida launches a short film for to give a voice to all the women who keep villages alive.

All the women who work in Komvida are an example of effort, courage, self-improvement, intelligence and strength. They are rural women who believe in the progress of their land and their people. and in their people.

For this reason, Komvida decided to set up its factory in Fregenal de la Sierra, the home town of its founders. "We want young people to see in Komvida an opportunity to grow professionally and to be able to stay in the town where they were born if they choose to do so". 

There is too much talent in Extremadura to let it go outside.

Since its beginnings, Komvida has focused on women, given the gender inequality that still exists today in rural Extremadura. Today, 78 % of the staff of Komvida is made up of women. Komvida is made up of women.

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Eugenio Hermoso's painting

The girl in the painting is Bea's grandmother, Pipi. It was painted by Eugenio Hermoso when she was 7 years old and has always hung in the house where Bea spent her childhood.

That house was the house of the painter Eugenio Hermoso. Coincidentally, the house where he was born Komvida in 2017. 

Pipi, the grandmother

Through the documentary, Pipi, who always says that she wanted to be a teacher but couldn't because of circumstances.

The short film tells us about how women lived when she was a child and illustrates, through the paintings of Eugenio Hermoso, how most of them worked in the fields or did housework. There were not many more opportunities for them.

With Pipi, we remember those women who did not have the opportunity to live the life they may have wanted to live.

Nuria and Bea, the future

With Komvidawe want to be a change. We want to give them a chance that was not there before. 

Komvida was born to paint a new path, with a new protagonist in the progressthe conciliation and improvement in different generations of rural women who have seen in Komvida an illusion to move forward and to be able to stay in their village.

We also aim to create role models. Strong, courageous and hard-working women who can also inspire rural girls.

We would like to say a big thank you to all the women who are part of Komvida. Some of them are featured in this video.

From the heart, 


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Collect Komvipoints and get some cool gifts