The Spa Experience

Do you know thebrand Mi Rebotica? A few years ago we discovered their range of products and we were amazed! Besides, it was one of the brands that participated in our first Mystery Box. Do you remember?

Mi Rebotica is a Spanish company which, like other companies Komvidais committed to the use of natural products, craftsmanship and sustainable, quality production.

In addition, they are born from the union of the small cosmetics industry and the pharmacy, offering products in which the quality of the formulations and the concentration of their active ingredients are paramount.

In this post we tell you a great plan to do after an exhausting day and what better way to do it than with the help of Mi Rebotica and Komvida.

The spa experience

Introducing The Spa Experience:

 1. Play your favourite playlist. We recommend "Acoustic Hits".

2. Light some candles or put some scented mikados. Your strawberry scented candle is perfect for this moment.

3. Start with a deepfacial cleansing and add a mask, which will provide you with a multitude of nutrients and will purify and hydrate your skin! Among its products, you can choose the depigmenting (anti-spot) mask, the antioxidant peel-off mask (with matcha tea and niacinamide) or the purifying mask, ideal for acne-prone skin.

They have a wide range of facial range of facial care products so you can choose the products that best suit your needs and skin type.

And now it's the rest of the body's turn! Are you team bath or team shower?

4. We like to start with our hair, but for extra care, we apply a mask that deeply nourishes and hydrates our hair. They seem to have been created for moments of disconnection and relaxation at home, don't they?

5. Next, we choose a gel or solid soap with a special scent, such as Mi Rebotica's olive oil gel.It is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants and ideal for sensitive and dry skin.

Spa experience

6. Do you know the benefits of using a body scrub? They serve to remove dead skin and help you get a smooth, regenerated skin ready to absorb nutrients. The Mi Rebotica's body scrub body scrub contains olive pits (which act as a natural exfoliator) and instantly refines the skin while moisturizing and leaving it soft and smooth.

The spa experience

7. And to finish, you can apply a bit of cream or your favorite body oil with a gentle massage. Have you seen their almond oil? We've tried it and it's wonderful.

The spa experience

Do you want to have a complete spa experience? After this great plan, we like to have something special to celebrate and... what better than celebrating with one of our Komvidas Are you more into sweet flavours or refreshing and tropical flavours?

Relax naturally while taking care of yourself inside and out.

You know, disconnect to connect .

Nuria and Bea.

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