Mystery Box: Discover the surprises of our V Edition

The most surprising pack of KomvidaThe pack that sells out in less than 48 hours, the pack that drives you crazy... The Mystery Box is back!

It is a real pleasure for us to prepare for you this V Edition of the Mystery Box with which we want to surprise you, and, as always, thank you for the trust and affection that you dedicate to us day by day. Thank you for betting on our project and for everything that lies behind Komvida!

The V Edition of the Mystery Box yyyyyyyy, you're going to love it!

In case you don't know it already, the Mystery Box is a limited edition pack in which, for the purchase of 2 multi-flavour packs of 250ml of Komvidayou receive a surprise gift from an amazing brand. The brands participating in the Mystery Box are brands Made in Spain, sustainable, ecological, environmentally responsible, handmade and with a great story behind them.. We are proud to be able to count on them. We have many values in common!

Do you want to know what they are? We invite you to investigate their websites and social media to find out why they're so cool - you'll love them!

Baia Food

Baia Food is committed to natural, ecological and environmentally responsible food. They seek to reduce the consumption of sugar, artificial sweeteners and improve eating habits. A few years ago they discovered the so-called "miracle berry" which has the ability to transform the perception of sour flavours into sweet ones.. In their shop you will find numerous food supplements of high nutritional value with which you can prepare tasty protein shakes, acaYou can use them to make delicious protein shakes, acai and much more.

En the Mystery Box you can find 1 pack made up of their drinks of Turmeric Latte and Matcha Latteideal for those moments of disconnection.

Baia Foods Mystery Box

Carolina Honest

Behind Carolina Honest is Helena and we are passionate about her story. She comes from a family of biscuit bakers and decided to create this brand to recover the essence of her great grandfather's first recipes of her great-grandfather.

They are committed to small-scale production and freshly baked products, This allows them to make their delicious biscuits locally, with care and slowly, as it should be! In addition, they use 100% natural ingredients, in a sustainable way and with the minimum impact on the environment.

They join Komvida so that you can enjoy these delicacies without giving up anything. Your pack could include the boxes of: wholemeal biscuits coated with chocolatewholemeal biscuits with orange and sesameOrganic wholemeal biscuits with oat biscuits, gluten-free, with ginger, quinoa and cinnamonbiscuits, biscuits with chocolate and coconutbiscuits, biscuits with chocolate and 6 seeds and a pack of soft citrus candiesLiving surrounded by biscuits? We say yes!

Carolina MysteryBox

Cristian Lay

They are our closest neighbours in this 5th edition of the Mystery Box. They are based in Jerez de los Caballeros, as they say "it is the centre of beauty".

40 years ago, they opened their jewellery factory in their homeland and later decided to dedicate themselves to the world of both jewellery and cosmetics. jewellery and cosmetics. They have one of the largest and most modern jewellery and cosmetics factories in Europe and develop both their own brands and product lines for some of the leading brands in the sector.

Cristian Lay wanted to give you the gift of a pack made up of three of their serumsthe moisturising "SOSthe reaffirming "UP UP! "UP UP! and the protective "STOP TOXINSWe love to take care of ourselves inside and out!

Cristian Lay MysteryBox

Hair Grant

Its line of shampoos is made up of ecological, natural, vegan, cruelty free products in 100% recyclable PET packaging. Pampering your hair and respecting the planet is very simple!

Do you want to know what his surprise gift would be? A Detox & Control Shampoo to purify your hair and with a grapefruit fragrance, or a Repair & Nutrition Shampoo made from avocado and soya proteins - switch to natural shampoos!

Hair Grant MysteryBox


At Kriim they are looking for organic, conscious, innovative and honest products. They believe in personalised services and global experiences within a conscious community. Do you want to be part of their community of Kriimers? We are more than conquered!

You could be one of the lucky ones with the pack you could win. It would consist of their natural deodorant in cream format "Charcoal Deodorant", their facial and body soap "Argan Enriched Soap and its natural sponge "Sachet of Sisal.

Kriim MysteryBox


Natruly has a mission: to change the world through what we eat, and that is why they were created to create ORGANIC, 100% natural, gluten-free food with no added sugars.

With your Mystery Box you will be able to taste a pack consisting of two peanut butter (one crunchy and one super smooth), two raw bars and some kale chips.Our mouths are watering!

Choose your Komvida favourite and switch to healthy snacks!

Naturly MysteryBox


NaturGreen has been taking care of us for more than 25 years, selecting the best 100% vegetable ingredients from organic farming. They also collaborate with several actions and social organisations to make the world a better place.

Its products are a plant-based plant-based alternative to yoghurt and kefir, soy-free, sugar-free, lactose-free and gluten-free.They are soy and sugar free, lactose free and gluten free. Can they get any cooler?

Do you want to try them? You're in luck, in this edition you can get a pack of five blends of Biogurt and Kefir-BioIt's new, it's bio, it's vegan!

Naturgreen MysteryBox

Pimentón de la Vera "Las Hermanas" paprika

They are a family business with a very long professional history (since 1940) and they specialise in the production and packaging of Pimentón de la Vera. Las Hermanas" Organic Paprika is their gourmet brand and comes from peppers grown under organic production standards, free of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers and with great care and protection of the environment. Furthermore, it is one of the most recognised brands of paprika for its quality and care in the production process..

It is a real luxury to be able to count on these countrymen in the 5th edition of the Mystery Box!

What could your shipment contain? A pack consisting of one tin of sweet paprika, a tin of sweet and sour paprika, a tin of hot paprika, a seasoning, a tin of sweet smoked paprika flakes and a tin of hot paprika flakes.Bring your dishes to life!

Paprika Las Hermanas MysteryBox

Shukran Foods

As they themselves explain, "they were born out of the desire to create special ephemeral moments by integrating Lebanese gastronomic tradition with high technology". And with this, they formed the Shukran Group, becoming the Spain's best-selling 100% natural hummus.

From Shukran they wanted to give you a gift pack consisting of two mutabal hummushummus, two chickpea hummusone avocado hummusone truffle hummus and a pepper hummus. On their website you can find numerous recipes to try these delicacies, you will fall in love with them!

Shukran MysteryBox

These are the brands participating in the V Edition of the Mystery BoxWhich one did you win? Tell us what was your surprise gift to @komvidakombucha We can't wait to see your reviews!

A thousand thanks for your trust in Komvida!

Nuria and Bea,

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