How having a purpose will change your business

If there was one thing that was clear to us when Komvida was born, it was that our project had to contribute, in some way, to improving the world. 

This eagerness became, from that moment on, the starting point from which we began to build Komvida. It was what made us define our purpose.

What is this about purpose?

Purpose is not about the typical phrase that makes you look good in the marketing plan or that you say to be cooler, but is something much deeper. deeper that you have to look for in order to act and make meaningful decisions. Surely at an individual level you have your purpose in life or maybe you are in search of it; the fact of having it or not can condition the way you live. We will see why later.

If we apply it to the business environment, the purpose is, in short, the DNA of the company on which every action is built: its reason for existing. 

We are sure that, if at that moment when we started making liters and liters of kombucha in our village we had not been clear about why we were doing it, Komvida would not have reached this point. We would have lost focus, we would have been (perhaps) discouraged, because entrepreneurship brings with it many obstacles that are difficult to overcome when your mission does not go beyond results.

Purpose is the key to our business. It is the axis on which we develop all the activities we carry out in the company. And in the end, it is what every employee is guided by in his or her job. Ideally, we work to do good, to create value.

In fact, we believe that the desire of each worker (and person) to contribute well to society is what brings out his or her innovative and creative capacity. Taking this desire to a greater dimension that is shared will also make you feel motivated to belong to something bigger and transcendent where you can act according to your values. Therefore, it is not a matter of defining a purpose and staying there, but of taking the step to live it every day. to live it every day.

We certainly didn't find the purpose thinking about what Komvida could bring to us. On the contrary. When kombucha crossed our path, we couldn't help but think that by leading a business with such a product we could contribute to improving people's lives. This is where the real value of our project.

A purpose, moreover, becomes much stronger when it is shared. Arriving at the office with a smile, reaching out to those who need your support, nourishing yourself every day with knowledge and seeing each task as an opportunity to learn and grow... All of this is also part of a purpose that goes beyond an individual attitude, which encompasses the rest. The purpose of contributing to wellbeing can be applied every day: with your colleagues, with your product, with every task you perform...

Komvida wants to be this, it wants to be an engine that drives improvement actions, individually and globally. Because the former will always feed back on the latter and vice versa.

Komvida's purpose is to contribute to people's well-being.

And this is something broad, and why not say it, ambitious. But it is so because we want to do it in all areas in which we can take sides. We cannot be satisfied. And every worker is the transmitter of this purpose. 

But what does it mean to contribute to people's well-being?

  • To contribute to wellness is to offer a healthy and quality product. 

Komvida is a drink that helps us stay healthy on the inside. 

Habits are the key to wellness and offering a healthy soft drink alternative, which is also a natural, vegan, gluten-free product with nothing unusual added, contributes to our digestive wellbeing and the health of our body. 

For us it is key to offer a quality soft drink that becomes an ally to feel good. 

  • To contribute to the welfare is to cooperate for the development of the rural area of Extremadura. 

When we decided to create Komvida, there was no doubt: we wanted the factory to be in Fregenal de la Sierra, our town. 

Extremadura is our land, the one that has taken care of us and has seen us grow. How could we give back all the good things that our people had given (and give) to us? By doing our bit with a factory that generates employment and economic development in the rural world, despite the logistical obstacles that this entails. 

We could not be happier to have made this decision, because the opportunity to help our neighbors is stronger than any economic motive. Being surrounded by the talent of Fregenal, its people, its culture... The essence of Komvida is also our town. 

  • Contributing to welfare is to support rural women and offer them a job opportunity. 

80% of the people who make up our staff today are rural women who have found a job opportunity in Komvida.

We want to be part of the change. We want to be a bridge for other women. We want to help those who have not had it or do not have it easy. We want to contribute to every woman deciding to be what she wants to be, without giving up. 

In this sense, not forgetting those rural girls who will be the women of tomorrow, is also a task of Komvida. When we were two little girls, from the village, we hardly had any references, and we did not know until much later the world that was opening up to us. We need more female role models and we want to humbly show the girls in our village that they can dream big and achieve great things. The Inspiring Girls Foundation helps us in this task. 

As we said before, our purpose is broad and ambitious, but it is the backbone of the value we want to bring to the world. 

And along the way we learn, listen and ally ourselves with others, because we can't do it alone. Together we are much stronger. 

This is our strategy: tattoo our purpose and act accordingly. The market is frenetic and there will be decisions that go well and others that do not go so well. But if we apply this dynamic, we will always have the basis, the origin of each decision, which was to be faithful and always try to contribute and look towards progress, to contribute to well-being. With such a solid base, the strength to recover from a fall or from something that has not gone as well as expected becomes growth and the possibility of improvement, never failure. There is no argument about that. 

And when we do not know which path to take? Turn to the purpose and let it give us the answer. That is the key. 

We have great power as companies in building a better world. We also have great power as individuals, with our individual purposes.

Contributing to well-being. This is our purpose, what we are. And from here, everything else follows. 

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