How to make kombucha at home?

Real kombucha,like Komvida, is made with four essential ingredients: water, organic green tea, Scoby and organic cane sugar.

In a fermentation process, the Scoby consumes the tea and sugar (almost entirely) and after a few days or even weeks (depending on weather conditions), produces a delicious drink with delicate bubbles, the kombucha!
This is how we get the natural flavor of kombucha, Greenvida.

How do we get the other flavors? Time to get creative!
Through a second fermentation, adding the natural ingredients that we prefer, we can create the different flavors of our kombucha.

All this we teach you in depth in our Komvida Courses: learn how to make your kombucha at home. 

At the moment we don't have a new edition of the course scheduled, don't worry! When our Komvida Course will be available again you can find it on our website and we will let you know through our Instagram.

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 kombucha at home


Nuria and Bea's tips for making your own kombucha at home:

  • Make sure your Scoby is healthy: it should have a golden-beige colour and be consistent, i.e. it should not break easily. It can have a smooth or rough appearance.

    Your Scoby will become contaminated if it comes into contact with insects, is mouldy, or has a greenish colour. In this case, do not use it!


    • The ideal fermentation temperature is between 20-25ºC. It is important that during the fermentation process, your kombucha is not exposed to direct light and that the container is not moved during the process.


    • To produce your kombucha, use a glass container that you can then cover with a cloth or cotton cloth and secure with a rubber band or string. This way, oxygen will enter and fermentation will be possible. 


      • When you have your first fermentation (it can last from 2 to 4 weeks) and you want to get more flavours, add the ingredients of your choice and let them ferment in a tightly closed bottle at room temperature for 1-2 days depending on the amount of bubbles you want to get. And then, into the fridge!


      Do you want to know more? We recommend "The Big Book of Kombucha" by Hannah Crum.