How much does kombucha cost?

The price of Komvida will depend on its format and pack. We have 2 different formats: 250 ml and 750 ml.

The packs available on our website are as follows:

  • Tasting Pack of 6 bottles x 250 ml: 16,99 €.
  • Pack of 12 bottles x 250 ml: €28.40
  • Pack of 6 bottles x 750 ml €: 35,32 €: 35,32 €.
  • Challenge Kit 24 bottles x 250 ml: €55.84

Shipping costs 4,95 €, free of charge from 36 €!All packs are available in our online shop.

If you love our kombucha, and you would like to receive it every month saving a lot on each order, you have to know: Komvida Subscription.

It is the best way to buy Komvida and it has a lot of advantages and the best price. Our subscribers are VIP. 

So you see! You have a lot of different options. Choose the one that suits you best and enjoy Komvida :) 

komvida price