Do you ship Komvida to the Canary or Balearic Islands?

On the islands you can find us in many physical stores. You can check the nearest store, restaurant or supermarket where you can find Komvida in our map of points of sale. We are working very hard to change this situation as soon as possible but, for the moment, we do not ship from the online store.

The only reason is that our Komvidas must always be refrigerated and, for now, it is impossible to guarantee a shipment without breaking the cold chain. As soon as we solve this logistic issue, you will be able to order your Komvida from the Canary Islands and enjoy it with all its flavor and properties.

You could also order through our distributor.

In the case of the Canary Islands, you should send an email to with your address and the Komvidas you would like to receive. You could also place your order by phone: 922 660 397.

If you live in Mallorca, you can place your order at They are our distributor on the island.