Where do I enter my discount code?

 Having trouble redeeming it? Here are the steps to follow:


1. Select the pack you like the most.

2. Add it to your cart and process it.

3. If you are ordering from a mobile device, you can display the "show order summary" message, add it and click on the little arrow to apply it. 


4. Then all you have to do is enter your details and complete the purchase process.



If you are ordering from a computer, add it where it says "discount code", click on "use" and complete the checkout process.




All you need to do now is select your favourite pack in our online shop!


*We remind you thatall our coupons are for single use only, so once you have used them you can't use them again. When this happens, you will see a red message indicating this.


It is not necessary to have a code to be able to shop at Komvida. However, to keep up to date with all our news and not miss anything, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter. You will see the option at the bottom of the page.