Is it good to drink kombucha while fasting?

Kombucha, like Komvida, is made from the initial ingredients: water, green tea, sugar, Scoby (a symbiosis of bacteria and yeast) and organic fruit.

In the case of Komvida, at the end of the fermentation process there is hardly any theine left, the amount of sugar is reduced to 2 % and the alcohol from the fermentation is only 0.2 %(note: this is a negligible amount; it would not be considered an alcoholic beverage at all). Moreover, its calories are very low, around 12-19 kcal.

But... does kombucha break intermittent fasting?

Some experts and referents in the field as Marcos Vazquez, from Fitness Revolutionary, claim that kombucha DOES NOT BREAK intermittent fasting. Here is some information he shares in his blog:

En cualquier caso, mi recomendación en ayunos cortos (<24 horas) es no superar las 100-200 calorías a lo largo del día, procedentes principalmente de grasa. En ayunos prolongados (>48 horas), incluso niveles de 700 calorías/día permiten aprovechar la mayoría de los beneficios del ayuno (estudio, estudio, detalle). Si el cuerpo no recibe suficiente energía mantendrá en general una mayor activación de la AMPK.

One way to keep hunger at bay is to drink fluids. Here are some ideas:

Water. You can add a tablespoon of lemon or orange juice and a little salt.

A probiotic drink such as kombucha with green tea or water kefir.

Bone broth. Provides a lot of nutrition with few calories. Good source of electrolytes and collagen/glycine. If you prefer a vegetable broth, also works.".

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