History of kombucha

kombucha origin

What is the origin of kombucha?

Kombucha is an ancient drink, already drunk by the samurai, and is obtained thanks to the natural fermentation of green tea and sugar by a colony of bacteria and yeasts called Scoby. In the fermentation process, the Scoby eats almost all the sugar and produces bubbles that turn kombucha into a healthy refreshment.

Komvida is the kombucha that we, Nuria and Bea, produce in our little village in Extremadura. From our factory, and with the help of the kombucha masters, we make it in an artisan way and following the millenary recipe, so it is really good kombucha. That is to say, with nothing weird added ;)

Komvida is very tasty. We also package it in glass to take care of our planet.

From the bottom of our hearts, we hope you enjoy Komvida very much and we promise to do our best to keep it as good as it is!