Because taking care of yourself with the Komvida Subscription is a little tricky.

Already a Komvida Subscriber?

Access your Komvipoints

and continue to take care of your body and your pocket.

This is how Komvipoints work, it's very simple:
with each order you place, you will accumulate the same Komvipoints as euros you have spent.

If your order is for 27€, you will have accumulated 27 Komvipoints.


From 0 to 80 points


In the healthy level are the beginners, those who have just arrived. Those who are 3 orders away from moving to the to the next level. Come on, stop thinking about it and start taking care of yourself.


From 80 to 405 points

Start redeeming discounts!

At this level, all the advantages start. In your body and in your pocket. First 10%, then 15%, then 15% and then a 20% discount. About every 4 orders you can unlock a discount and so on, Komvida to Komvida, you will reach the next level.


From 405 to 675 points

In this level you pass the game.

If in the gym there are the gymbros, at this level there would be the... Komvisisters? Here, in addition to having declared yourself a kombucha lover, your discount can be increased up to 40%. You are very close to reach to the top.


Plus 675 points


We are getting serious, because not everyone can reach the Supersano level, that's why you have THE award.

Or in other words, a free order. And what's more, you'll continue to unlock one free order every 10 orders. This is no longer a game, you are now part of the Komvifamily.

Komvipoints are cumulative and do not expire, but if you cancel your Subscription, you will lose them.

*A little trick: if, for whatever reason, you want to stop receiving your orders Subscription, skip your orders for as long as you need.
This way you can keep your Komvipoints for when you want to come back.
Don't worry, you won't have to pay anything.