Where can I find Komvida outside Spain?

From our online shop, at the moment, we only ship to Spain (Peninsula) and Portugal, but that doesn't mean that you can't find us in other countries ;)

Here is a list of supermarkets in different countries where you can find Komvida


Terno https://www.terno.sk/

Kraj https://krajpotravin.sk/

Delia https://deliapotraviny.sk/

Through E-commerce:

Fresh Box https://www.freshbox.sk/

Edelia https://www.edelia.sk/

Czech Republic

Through E-commerce:

Rohlik https://www.rohlik.cz/?hp=true

Kosik https://www.kosik.cz/stranky/komvida-kombucha-novinka


Through E-commerce:

Kifli https://www.kifli.hu/?hp=true


Selgross https://www.selgros.pl/

We continue to work so that Komvida can be found in more and more places. We hope that Komvida will soon be in many more countries. Where would you like to find it? We'll let you know!