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Komvida Organic Kombucha

Komvida Organic

Kombucha is a healthy drink with beneficial properties for the immune and digestive system.
Komvida is 100% organic kombucha, unpasteurised so that it can be probiotic, without using plastic and... most importantly: GOOD!


What to know about Komvida?

Organic and vegan

Only 2% residual sugar and never added after fermentation.

to be probiotic

Real ingredients and natural bubbles

Cold transport in less than 48 hours

Handmade in Extremadura

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What do they say about

More than 1.900 Komvilovers recommend us

Excellent, non-alcoholic and very refreshing. The variety of flavours means you'll always find one you like.

Francisco O

Happy to consume local, healthy and organic. The order arrived very quickly and in perfect condition, a pack of 12 multi-flavours, all of them spectacular.


I recommend them to everyone! Each one I try I like better than the last.

Monica F.

I am very happy to have incorporated Komvida kombucha into my eating habits. I love the taste and it feels great.

Joaquina F.

I've been a subscriber for a year now and I'm very happy. My Komvidas arrive on time, it's super easy to make changes and in the last few deliveries I've received some goodies.

Maria G.

I love it! I drink it every day with food and it helps my digestion. I even take it with me if I go out so I don't drink anything else.

Montse R.

I am a subscriber, I have no complaints whatsoever. They arrive fast and fresh, from one fridge to another.

Lydia P.

I love Komvida kombuchas, I have my favourites but they are a top product. The service was superb, the delivery was fast and very well packaged, congratulations Komvida team!

Nuria G.

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We are Nuria and Bea


Hello! We are Nuria and Bea

It wasn't in a garage, it was in an attic.

Most cool brands started with two men in a garage in California programming in front of a computer. Komvida started with two women, Nuria and Bea, in a loft in Extremadura.

There can be no better place to make your dreams come true than the place where you were born and where you were cared for. That is why it was always clear to us that the Komvida factory would be in Fregenal de la Sierra, in the province of Badajoz. The land of the Iberian pig, and from now on, of kombucha.