Why should you start drinking Komvida kombucha every day?

Komvida kombucha is the healthy alternative to soft drinks, making it ideal for any time of the day: in the morning, after training, with your meals or between meals. any time of the day: in the morning, after training, with your meals or between meals. meals.

Regular consumption of Komvida kombucha helps to improve your digestion thanks to its natural probiotics. probiotics.


Where to find Komvida kombucha?

Find Komvida kombucha in your supermarket or receive them at home in less than 72 hours by visiting our online store.

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Get to know our history

Hi, we are Nuria and Bea!

Two young entrepreneurs from Extremadura who are eager to change the world, even if it's just a little bit.

It has always been clear to us that we would create something together. Something that could put our work at the service others to make this world a better place. That something turned out to be Komvida, and with that and with it, we set ourselves an objective that we will never stop pursuing: to contribute to the wellbeing of people. people.

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We are Nuria and Bea

What do they say about Komvida?

More than 1,900 Komvilovers recommend us

Excellent, it is a non-alcoholic product and very refreshing. The variety of flavors means that you will always find one that you like.

Francisco O

Happy to consume local, healthy and organic. The order arrived very quickly in perfect conditions, a pack of 12 multi-flavored, spectacular all.


I recommend them to everyone! Each one I try I like better than the last.

Monica F.

I am very happy to have incorporated Komvida kombucha into my eating habits. I I love the taste and it feels great.

Joaquina F.

I have been a subscriber for a year now and I am very happy. My Komvidas arrive on time, it's super easy to make changes and in the last few deliveries I have received some gifts.

Maria G.

I love it! I drink it every day with food and it helps my digestion. I even I even take it with me if I go out so I don't drink anything else.

Montse R.

I am a subscriber, I have no complaints. They arrive fast and fresh, from one fridge to another.

Lydia P.

I love Komvida kombuchas, I have my favorites but they are a 10 product. The service was superb, the shipping fast and very well packaged, congratulations Komvida team!

Nuria G.