Classland x Komvida

For being a subscriber...

Sooooorpesa! This October we bring you a very cool collaboration: Classland x Komvida.

Classland x komvida

At Komvidawe are always coming up with new ideas so that you, as a subscriber, feel happy to belong to this family and enjoy the best possible way of life. Komvida Your well-being is our priority!

As you can see, we are facing October with our batteries fully charged. We know that September has been a bit hard: back to the routine, saying goodbye to the sea, the memory of the holidays still lingering... And of course, the sun and the good weather didn't help. And of course, the sunshine and the good weather didn't help us to take on the return. We understand!

After this month of adaptation, we are back to getting used to office days, taking our children to school and resuming some of those habits we had neglected. So, sorry to tell you but... no more excuses!

Classland x Komvida activities

At Komvida we always promote healthy habits, that's why Classland x Komvida was born, because for us it is very important to treat our subscribers as they deserve and offer them alternatives to incorporate these habits into their lives.

What is Classland?

Classland is a platform that offers activities with different instructors online. You can choose between:

  • Training with Crys Díaz:

Classland x Komvida sport

  • English classes with Beatriz Espejel:

Classland x Komvida English

  • Toning and facial exercises with MyFaceFit:

Classland x Komvida complexion

  • Baking of all kinds with Juani:

Classland x Komvida sweet

There is something for everyone :)

What is Classland x Komvida?

With every subscription order placed in October, you will receive a flyer with a discount code that allows you to enjoy a free month of a Classland activity, ActivityPack or FullPass. You can apply the code from October to December, but remember: the subscription will correspond to the month in which you subscribe.

You know, find out which one suits you best and go for it!

Adopting a habit has never been easier!

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